Saturday, December 27, 2008

tHe pArTy

On the 21st of December, dinner at 7pm was delicious.
Here are the details of the contribution:

Venue: Maslog Residence

Piyen/Chancel/Gino - lechon,dinuguan,inatayan
Brod - laroca
Ian - lumpia, banana cake, toron
Nedz - softdrinks,prizes
Cis/Ras - lechon manok
Von/Mitch - palabok
Jerald - chocolate cake
Eyong/Tora - rice
Jay - rent for the videoke set
Sir Arisola - beef steak, salad
Reeboy - spaghetti
Others - contributed cash

Twas followed by a series of games like hep hep hurray, newspaper dance and the main event,
MISS GAY. The candidates were:
Miss Airport: Von Madrinan
Miss Tamblot: Eleazar Torralba
Miss Baclayon: Alekcis Balista
Miss Booy: Jerald Sumampong
Miss Maria Clara: Rhenir Sagpang
Miss Mansasa: Julius Ian Maslog (winner)

The guys really prepared for it. hahahaha.

sYsTeM tOoLs

We hang out at Asiatika Metro Centre Hotel a day before the party, with the System Tools band. They play there every Saturday,then Tue and Thurs at Club Atmosphere. They usually play alternatives. I believe they accept bookings for parties.
It was also the time to plan the party and finalize our list.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

aSkALL 1.1 gAtHeRiNg

Last Friday, Askall 1.1 gathered at i2 for the exchanging gift. It was a quick dinner at RaiRai Ken and coffee at Starbucks. Most of them had to go back to work. I got a bottle of red wine from Jhell, Julz got the stuff toy from me, Louise got a Starbucks mug from Julz, JP got a SB mug from Loiuse, and Jhell got 3 SB gift certificate.
Karen, Bruno and Nicky were not there. Hope everything's fine now for Bruno.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Another weird thing happened today. Last night, I dreamt of Jhell, and when I opened my emails, she left a comment on my Friendster. Just like what happened to Ron last week.
If ever I'll dream of numbers tonight, I might buy Lotto tickets tomorrow. :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

cArLsBeRg WeB tV

Good news to all football fans, Carlsberg launched it’s web tv,, with 5 channels which features different viewpoints of football. It highlights the excitement of the games to the life of a fan. Carlsberg web-tv also allows you to upload your own video mementos. So if you still have a copy of football videos, be ready to share it. Just a reminder though, you need to have Adobe Flash Player 10 to view it.

mY pLaNnEr

I got my red Starbucks planner today. Ron was there when I ordered my coffee and it's weird because I dreamt of him last night.
Mitzi and Neil are my lunch buddies this week. Yesterday, we had lunch at Figaro. Today, we ate at Shakeys, and for tomorrow, we planned to go to Abays, near Capitol. I just hope I could wake up early tomorrow and join them. It's fun catching up with the cheeziest news in eTel. I heard some not so good stuff though, like their 13th month pay is now taxable and they don't have a company party.


Frosting recipe from Cating:

1/3 cup Hershey's cocoa
1/4 cup butter
1 can condensed milk

1. Melt butter in a double boiler.
2. Add condensed milk.
3. Add cocoa gradually, make sure there are no lumps. Mix well.

Lami gyud kuno ni, ingon si Cating.

Friday, December 5, 2008

DeCeMbEr 3 w/ yAnEx

We started our day right. It was a day with lots of talking and laughing, lots of high school memories and talks about our firsts. We also had dinner at Bojol Grill and ended with a candlelit tagay at "tambisan". It was romantic and relaxed and fun all at once.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

aT bO's cOfFeE

I'm currently at Bo's Tagbilaran branch. They have pretty fast connection here. They only require you to have at least 100 php worth of order. They charge 30php for an hour use of the electricity and 50php for unlimited use. Pretty good deal if you're using it for 4 hours :)
Instead of giving out planners, they have Christmas mugs plus free drink. You'll get that once you complete 12 stamps, 2 of which should come from their featured Mint Christmas drinks.

mY gRoWn Up ChRiStMaS LiSt

Do you remember me 
I sat upon your knee 
I wrote to you with childhood fantasies 
Well I'm all grown up now 
And still need help somehow 
I'm not a child but my heart still can dream 

So here's my lifelong wish 
My grown up Christmas list 
Not for myself but for a world in need 

No more lives torn apart 
That wars would never start 
And time would heal all hearts 
And everyone would have a friend 
And right would always win 
And love would never end, no 
This is my grown up Christmas list 

As children we believe 
The grandest sight to see 
Was something lovely wrapped beneath the tree 
But Heaven only knows 
That packages and bows 
Can never heal a hurting human soul 

No more lives torn apart 
That wars would never start 
And time would heal all hearts 
And everyone would have a friend 
And right would always win 
And love would never end, no 
This is my grown up Christmas list 

What is this illusion called the innocence of youth 
Maybe only in our blind belief can we ever find the truth 

No more lives torn apart 
That wars would never start 
And time would heal all hearts 
And everyone would have a friend 
And right would always win 
And love would never end, no 
This is my grown up Christmas list 
This is my only lifelong wish 
This is my grown up Christmas list
*************Lyrics of the Month******************Just in time for Christmas....

Sunday, November 30, 2008

mAmA's BiRtHdAy

Our baking mania has started. Yesterday was Mama’s birthday, so I baked chocolate cake w/ fudge icing and Joan did the baked macaroni.
My chocolate cake is not that chocolaty since I did not use Hershey’s cocoa as stated in the recipe. I was not confident enough to use it, and Hershey’s is so expensive. Anyway, it was still delicious but the fudge is just too sweet. I’ll still look for another icing recipe. The M&Ms are perfect for my toppings. I was actually looking for this certain candy, the tiny colorful ones that you sprinkle on cakes but was not able to see them in the supermarkets here in Tagbilaran.

At ang kawawang lechon...........

We are all exhausted since the first batch of visitors came here at 3am for the mananita, and the last batch were here 'til 7pm. Whew..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

WiShLiSt 2008

29 dAYS before Christmas and here's my wishlist:

-Ipanema slippers (35/36)
-Sunglasses, white frame (Guess is so expensive so ok na ang Charles and Keith or Mango)
-handbag/shoulder bag (again, mahal ang Guess so ok na ang Girbaud)

My gesh, can't think right now, I'm in the middle of bug testing... Will update list later...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

BaKiNg fOr bEgInNeRs

I'm excited to start baking. I've been browsing for easy-to-follow recipes of chocolate cakes, cookies, muffins, pies and other pastries. It would be so fun experimenting with my sis. But before we could start, we still need to shop for the utensils that we need like electric beater and the pans.

pHySiCs aLpHaBeT

Back in highschool, we were asked by our Physics teacher to make a jingle that would have Physics terms. Since it was almost Christmas, one team decided to use the tune of 12 Days of Christmas song. Here's the lyrics: (buti na lng one of the members of the group did not forget this)

P is for the projector so everyone can see
H is for the hardiness, the lesson that can be (doesn't make sense.. hehehe)
Y is for the y axis intersecting with the x
S is for the students who listen attentively
I is for information, we really get to see
C is calculator, we use it happily
S is for solutions, we solve it orderly

And now we already know about Physics alphabet
You listen to the teacher so that you will not forget

Friday, November 14, 2008

i MiSs YoU cHy

Had fun last night w/ Chy. We we're role-playing the scenes from the movie Enchanted.
The part where the old man took Giselle's crown then ran away. She used a yellow plastic bag as her crown, since her tiara is reserved for the Disney night. She also loves the part where Giselle fell from the billboard so she could shout, “Catch her, Daddy!” The movie is really nice; we love the songs, too.
I think Chy will be a very good stage actress. Sometimes we play the Snow White story where the old lady gives the apple and Chy will play dead. I'm so gonna miss this little lady. Ang kulit kulit kasi. Sabi niya, kita kita na lang tayo sa computer mommy Nak.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'm excited to go home but it will be an exhausting trip. Via Manila pa kasi, approximately 4 hours pa before my flight to Cebu.
Here's my to do list when I get home:
-visit my dentist
-have a whole body massage
-hot oil treatment for my hair
-join Joan sa gym
-sleep sleep sleep
-work work work

Saturday, November 8, 2008

2nD pAiR

Haha! I got another pair from Charles & Keith yesterday. Same deal, 30% off. Actually, Ate Yen paid for it, sweldo ko daw. :) The pair on the right is what i bought last week.


Nicaragua is more than the land of lakes and volcanoes. I was looking at the photos of their beaches and they are so wonderful. Looking at those pictures would make you want to close your laptop and go there right away. I saw pictures of Nicaragua hotels near the beach and they are awesome. When you need to relax, then you should be checking in those hotels. For those who want to stay there longer or visiting there often, it’s better to get condo units. Nicaragua condominiums are also perfect especially the ones with ocean view. If I can’t have my dream house, then a condo unit would be fine, why not.
And for those who are planning to own properties, there are several Nicaragua real estate guides who could help you in choosing the best location. Those who love Nicaragua would also definitely love Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, and Venezuela. Well who could resist staying in these countries with Caribbean coastlines, it’s like paradise. I guess I need a vacation :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I've been to Barcelona w/ Federer, Tokyo w/ Davenport, Shanghai w/ Hantuchova, Dubai w/ Haas, Vancouver w/ Sharapova, Milan w/ Nalbandian and Moscow w/Mauresmo. This is for my practice match invitation in preparation for my tournament. I started at rank 300 five years ago, and now I'm currently at rank 75. I was injured a couple of times but I recover fast with the help of my coach.
Well, that's Virtual Tennis 3, in Chy's PSP. :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

gOt LuCkY

Got lucky when I went to Charles & Keith last Sunday. I found a good pair of wedges for 32.80 SGD. Size 34 was available and it was less 30%, plus they have great customer service. I really love their shoes. I'm planning to buy another pair before I go home. They have more choices here and I believe it's more expensive in the Philippines. They also have wide variety and voguish accessories.

Monday, November 3, 2008

uSeD tO bE

It's time for my "lyrics of the month". This is an old song duet by Stevie Wonder and Charlene Duncan. Here ya go....

Superman was killed in Dallas
There's no love left in the palace
Someone took the Beatles' lead guitar
Have another Chivas Regal
You're 12 years old and sex is legal
Your parents don't know where or who you are

Used to be the hero of the ballgame
Took the time to shake the loser's hand
Used to be that failure only meant you didn't try
In a world where people gave a damn

Great big wars in little places
Look at all those frightened faces
But don't come here, we just don't have the room
Love thy neighbours wife and daughter
Cleanse your life with Holy water
We don't need to bathe, we've got perfume

Used to be a knight in shining armour
Didn't have to own a shiny car
Dignity and courage were the measure of a man
Not the drugs he needs to hide the scar

Can your teacher read, does your preacher pray
Does your president have soul
Have you heard a real good ethnic joke today
Mama took to speed and daddy ran away
But you mustn't lose control
Let's cut the class, I got some grass
The kids are wild we just can't tame 'em
Do we have the right to blame them

We fed them all our indecisions
We wrecked their minds with television
But what the hell, they're too young to feel pain
But I believe that love can save tomorrow
Believe the truth can make us free
Someone tried to say it, then we nailed Him to a cross
I guess it's still the way it used to be

Saturday, November 1, 2008

CaGaYaN bOnDiNg

I miss my girl friends. Photos shown above are taken from our Cagayan trip, one of the best bonding moments. Ang saya-saya mag river rafting, plus canopy walk, plus zip line.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MiSsEd mY aPpOiNtMeNt

I missed my doctor's appointment for my hyperthyroidism. That should be the first in my list when I go back to Cebu. I need to have a laboratory testing for my blood then go to my doctor for analysis. This will cost me approximately 1500 php. I'm just thankful that for the past two visits, everything's normal. My cousins told me to try going to other doctors to be sure with the results but naah, I'm good with her and her service. In general, I also like the hospital's management here my doc's clinic is. They're organized in their processes, from admission to making payments. I was admitted there last year for a couple of days and did not encounter any problem. This just reminds me of the Dan Neumeister Enloe thank you letter which I read.
Dan Neumeister has an exemplary contribution in the healthcare industry and helped a lot of organizations and hospitals. In customer service field, we are putting customer care first, just like he aims to have patient care first in hospitals. It would really be nice if a high quality and affordable health sytem will be available for everyone.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

cLaN mEeTiNg

The Calacar's clan will have another meeting this 2nd of November. I won't be able to attend though since I won’t be home ‘til the 15th. I’m hoping to hear progress of the clan’s business and no more inter family buzz. With the previous meeting, there were a lot of pending issue and important things to be finalized like the name to be registered. I was the emcee during the assembly, but not as effective as Ate Yen. :) It was kinda awkward since the whole program was about the cooperative and I can’t really relate to their speech. Basically, I was just introducing the speakers. They were presenting financial reports in Manila paper so I suggested that a projector from big screen center is what we need. We’ll get it once a computer is donated. I think the old Celeron at home will do. :)

TrAiNiNg pRePaRaTiOn

When I was still handling training, I had to go to the office at least 1 hour before my actual class (at least for the first few days). There were so many things to prepare and check- the room, markers, eraser, easel sheets, the slides for the day, projector, the computers, devices and the test accounts.
There was one time that I did not check these, and the worst thing happened, I ended up using the manual for discussion since the projector was busted. The lamp needs replacement and it's so expensive. Good thing our purchasing department have those projector lamp center coupons. Thanks to Cheryll who's always available to run an errand, and to Dyan who's there to contact the right person for the job. Most of these lamps have 1000 hour life span, so i had to turn off the machine when not in use for 15 minutes. Well, that's just one of the challenges of being a trainer.

sTaRbUcKs pLaNnEr 2009

I've been browsing the net for the Starbucks 2009 planner. I'm so excited to see it. I like their 2008, it's really handy and flexi, unlike the 2007 one. Well, let's see if their next planner deserves 24 cups of coffee, 12 for my white chocolate mocha and another 12 for their featured drinks.
Good thing i remember, Dec 4 is Starbucks Philippines' birthday, and they usually double your sticker on that week, on certain time range though.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


If given a chance to own a business, I want to operate a shop for cakes and pastries. I'm not really good at baking but I liked it so much when I had few months of experience,
back in highschool. During our 4th year, we chose a major subject, actually took a test to qualify for a certain field, and got lucky to be included in cooking field. The best part there was the final test when we had to individually prepare a birthday cake. Icing application was a part of it, really challenging since we used foam icing. I enjoyed what I was doing and I want to learn more, like the fondant icing or how to prepare cheesecake.
The whole part of baking is fun, from buying the ingredients, to mixing, to tasting...I miss it... :)

Cakes from Cream n Bake.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


1. If you’re a tour guide, where are you going to take me, and why?
2. Describe your dream wedding.
3. If you could be invisible for one day, what would you do?
4. If I could give you a superpower, which one would you wish for?
5. If you win in a TV show w/ a prize to spend a day w/ a celebrity, who would it be?
6. If you are given an open plane ticket, where would you go, and why?
7. If you are left in an island for one month choose between having 1 person w/ you or having 5 useful equipments.
8. If you are given 1 million US dollars, what are the top 5 material things you would do?

Some of the questions we had during training, part of our drills. 'Twas fun.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I was injured when we went to the Science Center last weekend. I did not notice that I was already approaching the stairs, so I tripped over and hurt my ankle. I was fine the whole day - we went to Snow City and Vivo City. I started to feel the pain when I was about to sleep. Good thing, we have Omega painkiller and Salonpas. The warm compress helped, too.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Last Saturday, I found this cute pair of Ipanema slippers from Schu, Suntec city. I got this for 13.50 SGD. At first I wanted the pink and thicker one, but I guess this is better since it goes with just any color.
There's also a great sale at Charles & Keith Causeway Point where you can actually get good pairs for as low as 19.50 SGD. I tried several pairs, but size 4 is just not available. :(

tHe Wii StOrY

My niece had tantrums earlier because she couldn’t find her PSP. My sister brought it with her in the office so she won’t get bored when taking the bus. Poor Chy, she was shouting “Nasaan ang PSP ko!!!” over and over again until she got tired - a taste of my own medicine.
Well, I had to give her stories to divert her attention. I told her about our Nintendo Wii back in Cebu, and told her she should ask her Dad to buy one. I only had the chance to play Super Paper Mario before I left, and I’m planning to check out other Wii games. If only we have bigger TV screen, I’ll definitely get another Wii remote so we could play tennis.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I miss my tall, hot, white chocolate mocha from Starbucks. For now, I'm replacing it with 3 in 1 White Coffee from Malaysia - keeps me alive when it's time to work.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We live on the 8th floor and for some reason, I'm scared of the building's elevator, especially when I'm alone. Maybe because it's too small, or maybe because of the glass doors, or maybe because there's no mirror which should make it appear wider, or maybe I'm just claustrophobic - I'll gladly accept any of the above. I just don't wanna hear creepy stories, I might be forced to take the stairs next time.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I went out yesterday with Meki and Kim. But before I met them, I had to take a long trip to City Hall station. I started at Admiralty but when I reached Sembawang, everyone was requested to get off the train due to an accident in the next station, which is Yishun. The management announced that it would take approximately 50 minutes to fix it, so I had to go the other way.
Anyway, the newly wed couple, Mikell and Melanie, who are on their honeymoon, joined us later. We visited the fountain of wealth and Clark Quay, and then we had Starbucks before we went home and still talked about eTel stuff.. :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

rEd hOrSe

This is what I'm missing in Cebu. Back in college, Friday nights are incomplete without this friend of ours (redhorse). Because of him/her, I can sing well at Videokes, I converse with my barkada in straight English, I text my ex or my crush, I openly talk about my love life, I give advice to people and I argue with anybody. In the morning when I'm sober, I get to check the sent messages folder of my phone and wish I could UNsend them or hope nobody would reply. I'm still not sure though if it's a good idea, but sometimes, I act a bit defensive by sending again a message, explaining I was drunk and all.... but some people say, the drunken mind speaks the sober heart.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I applied for a 30-day extension today w/ a 30 SGD fee. I had to extend since the replacement is not yet ready for her travel documents and nobody's going to care of our dear Chy. Everything's done online, so I don't have to go to the Immigration office or visit Cebu Pacific office for the rebooking, it's hassle free. My flight back to Cebu will be around the 15th or 16th of November. Hmmmm, I should ask for an allowance raise... :)

nO eAsY wAy

It’s been 6 years since they broke up and I thought she’s totally over him. I thought traveling around Asia and Australia would help her, but it didn’t. I just got an email from a friend about what happened during her birthday. She started crying like a baby when he refused to hug her, carefully explaining that he can’t do it since people would see them and won’t understand. They were high school sweethearts, so happy and so in love, but they broke up for some reason. The guy’s married, with kids, but not in love. For the girl, he’s irreplaceable.
There’s just no easy way to break somebody’s heart.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


I tear my heart open, I sew myself shutMy weakness is that I care too much
And my scars remind me that the past is real
I tear my heart open just to feel

Drunk and I'm feeling down*And I just wanna be alone
I'm pissed cause you came around*Why don't you just go home
Cause you channel all your pain*And I can't help you fix yourself
You're making me insane*All I can say is

I tear my heart open, I sew myself shut
My weakness is that I care too much
And our scars remind us that the past is real
I tear my heart open just to feel

I tried to help you once*Against my own advice
I saw you going down*But you never realized
That you're drowning in the water*So I offered you my hand
Compassions in my nature*Tonight is our last stand


I'm drunk and I'm feeling down*And I just wanna be alone
You shouldn't ever come around*Why don't you just go home?
Cause you're drowning in the water*And I tried to grab your hand
And I left my heart open*But you didn't understand
But you didn't understand*Go fix yourself

I can't help you fix yourself*But at least I can say I tried
I'm sorry but I gotta move on with my own life
I can't help you fix yourself*But at least I can say I tried
I'm sorry but I gotta move on with my own life

[Chorus x2]

************* Lyrics of the Month *************

Thursday, October 2, 2008

JuRoNg BiRdPaRk

Change of plans-Johore Bahru trip's canceled. We spent the holiday yesterday at Jurong BirdPark. Since they celebrated Children's Day, no entrance fee for the kids. The fee for adults is 18 SGD, approximately 560 php. It's worth the price, we were able to watch Birds n Buddies show and the Birds of Prey show and the kids had so much fun at Splash n Slide station.
We spent more time at Lory Loft feeding the colorful, friendly birds and took a lot of pictures. It was a great experience to get in touch with nature.
Later that night, we had dinner at Fish and Co. then went to Mustafa for a little shopping.

Monday, September 29, 2008

GoOd MoRnIn'

Early morning sunshine and the sisterettes are on their way to the North Plaza wet market, with the Princess. Mga wa pay ligo pero gwapa gihapon. :) Who cares, mas humot pa mi sa mga Pana's. :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

iM bAcK

I'm back in SG, staying at an HDB unit here at Woodlands. This place is really far from the center of SG, and it takes approximately 45 mins by MRT to get to Orchard. I'm not going there anyway, I might fancy something I can't afford. heheheh. This place is really near Johore Bahru, MY and we are planning to go there this Wednesday since it's Hari Raya Puasa, the Muslim holiday.
Earlier, we went to the market and had a kaya toast for breakfast. Yummy.. We cooked for lunch, and went to Causeway point for dinner.
Since I will take over Joan's place of being Chy's nanny for a month, we will have an orientation tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

LoNg LiSt

I'm going back to Singapore this Saturday and will stay there for month. I haven't packed a thing and still need to buy stuff for a Ate. Here's the long list she gave me:

Enfakid A+ (Vanilla flavor) Stage 4
Pancit canton
Ginisa mix
Sebo de macho
Pigeon (feeding bottle)
Goldilocks dinuguan
HBC deo body recipe kalamansi
HBC Illuminous night cream
Manicure set (pusher, nail color, cuticle remover, martiolet)

Ate Yen, I think I'll spend at least 5000 php for this. Refund when I get there.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ron & argen's joint birthday party

The party was a blast. It was a night of nonstop laughter. It was held at Ron's Place in gentle breeze subdivision. People were singing like crazy while drinking and playing Poker, very talented. Thanks to Sam for bringing the guitar and having the remix of Push and Miss You Like Crazy. Everyone had so much fun, even if we ran out of ice, even if some had to stay at the losers lounge after losing 100 pesos from the game. We'll it wasn't the loser's lounge at all, it was much fun there singing at the top of our lungs.
Of course, party is incomplete without the camera. Argen just can't beat Ray's pose. hahaha. And just like last year, Ray did his performance level version of I Will Survive..Whoa..
It reminds me of Argen's party last year at Brews, I was so wasted that when they asked for my address so they could drop me home, I had the best answer: 23 Main St Holmdel NJ 07733. That's the address of Vonage headquarters.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I woke up early today to attend the christening of baby Siddharta Georg Trinidad, Elder and Karen's son. This is my 2nd time to be a Ninang. The seminar started at 9:30 am, at St Joseph Parish church in Mabolo. It lasted for an hour. It’s like a refresher of the 7 Catholic sacraments. I realized a wonderful thing from the talk earlier, that this baby is gift for us, as Godparents. I felt bad, I didn’t have any present for the baby, I’ll just have it on Christmas. A couple of friends from eTel were there like Jhell, Julz, Bruno, Ron and Joy.

Later at 6pm, I'll also meet other friends from eTel to attend Argen and Ron's joint birthday party. I'm excited to see them, especially Mitzi, haven't seen her since I came back from Singapore. Miss you dearie. :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

SiLvEr LiNiNg

I call it the silver lining song. Familiar? Well it's actually the one titled "Love Always Finds Way" by Peabo Bryson and revived by Jed Madela.
When I started to love this, it was the line

"Love always finds a way
When the clouds have no silver lining
She comes thru shining"that I couldn't forget and 'til now, ill always remember it as the silver lining song.
Anyway, I remembered this because last week, I met Matt's friend, AJ Tuadles, and he was singing this. The dude can sing really well. It's funny we have the same taste in music. I had so much fun when we went out for a videoke. Thanks Matt, you were so right on time, a silver lining in my clouds.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

VTS wave 15 Anniv

My eTel babies from VTS (Vonage Tech Support) Wave 15 celebrated their first anniversary last Saturday. We had dinner at Casa Verde, followed by a drinking session at Julia's. Majority did not attend though. Some of them already resigned from eTel, some have shift that night or early the next day and some are still in bed especially that it was raining that night. I had fun, trying to keep up with what's happening in the program. Well, I learned a lot, including the cheesy and kinky ones. The kinky part refers to the IP and II. More of them in my next post :) heheheh
Anyway, I'm
so proud of you my VTS babies. Miss my training days at eTel.

Friday, September 5, 2008

tHeSe dReAmS

Spare a little candle, save some light for me. Figures
Up ahead moving in the trees. White skin in linen,
Perfume on my wrist, and the full moon that hangs over
These dreams in the mist.

Darkness on the edge, Shadows where I stand
I search for the time on a watch with no hands,
I want to see you clearly, Come closer to this
come closer to this
But all I remember are the dreams in the mist

These dreams go on when I close my eyes. Every second
Of the night, I live another life. These dreams that
Sleep when it's cold outside, every moment I'm awake,
The further I'm away.

Is it cloak and dagger, could it be Spring or Fall?
I Walk without a cut through a stained-glass wall.
Weaker in my eyesight, a candle in my grip, and words
That have no form are falling from my lips.

These dreams go on when I close my eyes. Every second
Of the night, I live another life. These dreams that
Sleep when it's cold outside, every moment I'm awake,
The further I'm away.

There's something out there I can't resist. I need to
Hide away from the pain. There's something out there
I can't resist.

The sweetest song is silence that I've ever heard.
Funny how your feet in dreams never touch the Earth.
In a wood full of princes, freedom is a kiss. But the
Prince hides his face from dreams in the mist.

These dreams go on when I close my eyes. Every second
Of the night, I live another life. These dreams that
Sleep when it's cold outside, every moment I'm awake,
The further I'm away.

These dreams go on when I close my eyes. Every second
Of the night, I live another life. These dreams that
Sleep when it's cold outside, every moment I'm awake,
The further I'm away.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

fEeLiNg dYoSa

I was reading Cosmopolitan earlier and they had this interview with the cast of Sex and the City. I never really got the chance to watch their series. All I know is that it's a story about 4 women in Manhattan, with different background and they always argue when it comes to men, dating and relationship. Sounds interesting.
I came across the picture of Sarah Jessica Parker, I really find her pretty and sexy. Well, here's my version of that page in Cosmo. Ambisyosa! Feeling Dyosa.

tOoTh fAiRy

I went to the dentist today to have my jacket fixed. It was kinda loose. I was scared it might fall since this porcelain jacket tooth is really expensive. Well, the main reason I keep on having this problem is that because I have Bruxism or involuntary teeth grind. To correct this, I had to buy this TMJ Appliance, it looks like the mouthpiece that is used by boxers, but smaller. I had to shell out 20k for this. Ouch!!! I'm supposed to wear this for 1 hour daily plus overnight.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

aNoThEr gOoDbYe

Another close friend of mine will be saying goodbye, my dear friend, Chanty. She'll be leaving on the 6th of September to Bangkok, Thailand. I'm sad because I'm so going to miss her but I'll support whatever decision she makes. Well it's the time, things are going to change, but then, what we have will always remain one precious thing. We had Starbucks earlier and started to be serious, was about to cry. Talking over coffee with her is one of the best.
Let me tell you about Chanty, she's a fighter, she's a B.I.T.C.H. (Babe In Total Control of Herself). What I love most when I'm with her is that, there's no good or bad. I can share to her my dirtiest secret and she'll just listen without making any judgment. We laugh together, cry together and then just go with the damn flow. I'm so thankful that we became friends.

Chanty, you have been such a blessing, thank you.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

wHaT kEePs Me bUsY

Here's what keeps me busy in the office, the Texas Hold'em Poker. It's really addicting. Well, I'm good at multitasking so I can still do my testing while playing, not during release though. Before, we only play it during "Poker night" which falls every Friday.
Other things which keeps me busy are - ER (Event Registration), CR (Class Registration), rSS (rShoolStore) and SACC (School Age Child Care). These are the real stuff which keeps me busy.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

bUddY @ wOrk

My best friend at work is SnagIt. There's just no other easy way to create mock ups but to use this. It's a screen capture software that is very user friendly. They have several capture profiles and you can do a lot of things with the image, depending on what you need. I use it for the presentations, reports, and sometimes in my blog.

Below is a sample to show why is it useful.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

isLAnd hoPPing

CtrlAltDelete Cebu team went island hopping last last weekend. We visited this small, romantic island near Bohol. What's nice about the island is it has white sand and there's this Ancient Greek-like structure in the middle. I believe this is built for wedding ceremonies. See the pictures below, don't mind my pose though, not at my best. :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I'm so busy at work. A lot of wonderful things happened last weekend and I so want to post it here but I just don't have the time.
It's the last day of the business week but I still need to go to the office, work on bugs and I've got a meeting at 4:00 pm. Whew!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


It's the weekend and I'm going home later with my sister. The weather is fine, so we don't need to worry about taking Bonamine before the trip. I miss my hometown. I'm so relaxed when I'm there. Sometimes it's exhausting to travel by boat then by land but it's going to be less hassle this time since our parents will pick us up at the port of Tagbilaran.
Our tickets are ready for the 6am trip of Oceanjet, but our bags are not yet packed. We are just so busy here in the office. Well, we still have 5 hours left to go home and get ready.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Franklen & Karen

the Groom and the Bride

Last April 12 I attended the wedding of Franklen and Kaikai (Franklen Maslog & Karen Trompeta). Franklen is Ian's brother. The ceremony was held at St Jude church in Camp Lapu-lapu and the reception was at Casino Español.
At the reception, they had this slideshow with their pre-nup pictures and they also included a funny video, which was the highlight of the program.

the Cake
the traditional "Money Dance"

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bernard & Lem

Bernard and Lem (Bernard Dacanay & Milafel Hope Awe) finally tied the knot! This happened on a one fine Wednesday morning of June at the Archbishop Palace chapel. I really liked the whole celebration because it was solemn and simple. It was not the usual grandiose wedding. They had roughly 40 guests, people who are close to them. Unfortunately, some close friends were not able to attend, so it was only me and Chanty.
Yes, it was solemn but funny. I so remember I almost burst out laughing when the priest said, "We gather here today to celebrate the union of ROBERT and Hope." Huh?? Where did he get the name Robert? It's BERNARD, Father!hahahah..
After the ceremony, followed a simple lunch at the bride's residence. Everything was simple, less hassle for the couple. Cheers to you guys!!! You rock! :)
This is their wedding cupcakes.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I am unwritten, can't read my mind, I'm undefined
I'm just beginning, the pen's in my hand, ending unplanned
Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find
Reaching for something in the distance
So close you can almost taste it
Release your inhibitions
Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten
Oh, oh, oh
I break tradition, sometimes my tries, are outside the lines
We've been conditioned to not make mistakes, but I can't live that way
Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find
Reaching for something in the distance
So close you can almost taste it
Release your inhibitions
Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten
Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find
Reaching for something in the distance
So close you can almost taste it
Release your inhibitions
Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten

I love the lyrics of this song.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


A nickname usually originates from someone's real name. These are usually used to make names shorter and thus easier to say. But like everybody else, I have a couple of nicknames, and some of them are not related to my real name, Netherlen.

Naknak - from the word "anak", mostly used by family members, relatives and friends from elementary

Naksi - it's from Naknak but with style

Ging2 - I really don't know why i had this nickname when i was a kid, it didnt last that long though

Nedeth - I used this when I was in high school. It reminds me of the so silent, obedient, righteous girl :)

Nedz - this is my official nickname. I started using this in college. I find it cool. Just read it with an "s" you dont have to buzz it, but please don't spell it like Neds, so baduy :)

Nedzy - this isn't official, but some of my friends from eTel use this

The image below was drawn by Marlon Pilongo, a good friend of mine. He did this from the jotter note of his Sony Ericsson mobile phone. He's got skills.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Trip

One of my best friends, Jeanne, is leaving on the 2nd of July. We are so going to miss her. She's heading to Baltimore, Maryland to work as a teacher. Most of our friends there say that the first year is really tough. We're not really worried about that, knowing her strength and passion for teaching :), it's just that, night outs will be incomplete without her. Pump and k1 will never be the same - its like dancing without the star dancer or singing without the birit queen.

So it's going to be the power of 4-1. We still have few days left and I'm looking forward to our despedida dinner. I know it's going to be dramatic. To you Jeanne, I wish you a life full of surprises, happiness and love.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

my Beloved eTelecare Training Ohana

Name: Argentina Palileo Nickname: Argen a.k.a. Sarah Balabagan Status: in a relationship When is she the saddest: pag hindi siya kasali sa picture taking

Name: Allain Albero Nickname: Allain a.k.a. Bembol Roco Status: in a relationship
Wildest fantasy: unsa kaha? nawng pa lng, wild na

Rhamz Parungao Nickname: Rhamz Status: in a relationship
Passion: troubleshoot Vonage devices

Name: Raymond Gilo Nickname: Ron a.k.a. Max Alvarado Status: in a relationship w/ his work PCFave from Starbucks: Java Chip Frap

Niňo Carzi Cruz Nickname: Niňo a.k.a. Balingit Status: in a relationship Greatest asset: height

Name: Arriane Ladao Nickname: Arriane a.k.a. Wilma Doesnt Status: in a relationshipTerrified of : eating rice

Name: Sam Ngo Nickname: Sammy a.k.a. Yachang Status: married to his guitar Favorite activity after shift: drink beer w/

Name: Craig Medicielo Nickname: Craig a.k.a. Redford White Status: it's complicatedSex Appeal : (1-10highest) 10

Neil Savellon Nickname: Neil a.k.a. Dagul Status: in a relationship and a cute baby girl Best asset: barcode tattoo

Name: Dyan vera Cruz Nickname: Dyan a.k.a. Ethel Booba Status: Single daw Hates: trainers : Dyan, what's my sked next week?
Dyan, can you adjust my sked?
Dyan, we don't have easel sheets.
Dyan, can I transfer to TR430?

Name: Matt Yap Nickname: Matt a.k.a. Boy Abunda Status: Single but not available Admirers: my trainees

Name: Paolo Base Nickname: the Pao a.k.a. Jimmy Santos Status: Married Favorite food: KFC

Name: Mitzi Yap Nickname: Mitzay a.k.a. Matet Status: Married "Skill" she would love to have most: she could use the line
"borrow ko lighter beh"

Name: Bernalyn Evardo Nickname: Benben a.k.a. Dugong Status: married Unforgettable moment: when she played the role of
Manananggal during the Spook up presentation '07

Monday, May 5, 2008

Life's a Bitch

When I stand up for myself and my beliefs, they call me a bitch.
When I stand up for those I love, they call me a
When I speak my mind, think my own thoughts or do things my own way, they call me a bitch.
Being a bitch means I won't compromise what's in my heart. It means I live my life MY way.
It means I won't allow anyone to step on me.
The same thing happens when I take time for myself instead of being everyone's maid, or when I act a little selfish. It means I have the courage and strength to allow myself to be who I truly am and won't become anyone else's idea of what they think I "should" be.
I want what I want and there is nothing wrong with that!
So try to stomp on me, try to douse my inner flame, try to squash every ounce of beauty I hold
within me.
You won't succeed.
And if that makes me a bitch , so be it.
I embrace the title and am proud to bear it.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Disclosure Policy

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Angels and Devils

I did not have any post for February, it's a busy month for me -Valentines, birthday, and job interviews. I hope I could have more for March... Here's a poem from my college friend, Bernard, for his girl friends (me, Chanty, Ivy, Jeanne).

I'm in the company of angels
Let the pain come
I'm not afraid.
I'm in the valley of demons
Swallow me whole
And spit me back out.
I have footprints on top of clouds
But I'm falling back to earth
Quickly, yet I land on a soft bed
I thought I was alone
And I truly am
For I'm in the company of angels....


Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Best TV Series

The only tv series I completed is "Friends", with 10 seasons and 236 episodes. The series started 1994 and ended 2004 but i watched all the episodes in a span of 2 months. The story is about a group living in new york, composed of Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green, Courteney Cox Arquette as Monica Geller, Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay, Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani, Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing, and David Schwimmer as Ross Geller. Six people, six different personalities, on their own, struggling to survive in the real world. You would love Rachel's fashion, laugh at Joey's stupidity, want to have Ross' brains, be amazed by Phoebe's weirdness, want to taste Monica's food and would adore Chandler's devotion to Monica. They make you laugh, make you cry and make you excited for the next episode. It's a series for young adults as the episodes are mostly about friendship, dating, relationships,work, marriage, children, it's about love, it's about life.
I'd say my favorite episode is the one with Bruce Willis and the one when Monica proposed to Chandler. You wouldn't want to miss an episode once you've started it. I just can't get enough of the series and I love watching it over and over. Never a dull moment with them.