Thursday, January 24, 2008


Yesterday's Sentosa getaway was really fun. We took the cable car in going there and it was really exciting. We were crazy up there. Can't stop screaming for the first few minutes because it felt really weird, it's like you're flying up in the air and scared of falling. We're glad we did not take the glass car or it could have been worse. But the experience was really fun and the view up there is really amazing.
Once we're there, we took a ride in the luge and the skyride. No other words to describe it but FUN. There's also the big Merlion, the cineblast/4D magix, skytower and a lot more to explore. I truly love to go back there.


  1. ana jud nak, enjoy the moment!:)

    ga tulo ang laway ni joan dire. hehehe.

    i-link ko be:D moi-blahg.blogspot. com.