Saturday, June 28, 2008


A nickname usually originates from someone's real name. These are usually used to make names shorter and thus easier to say. But like everybody else, I have a couple of nicknames, and some of them are not related to my real name, Netherlen.

Naknak - from the word "anak", mostly used by family members, relatives and friends from elementary

Naksi - it's from Naknak but with style

Ging2 - I really don't know why i had this nickname when i was a kid, it didnt last that long though

Nedeth - I used this when I was in high school. It reminds me of the so silent, obedient, righteous girl :)

Nedz - this is my official nickname. I started using this in college. I find it cool. Just read it with an "s" you dont have to buzz it, but please don't spell it like Neds, so baduy :)

Nedzy - this isn't official, but some of my friends from eTel use this

The image below was drawn by Marlon Pilongo, a good friend of mine. He did this from the jotter note of his Sony Ericsson mobile phone. He's got skills.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Trip

One of my best friends, Jeanne, is leaving on the 2nd of July. We are so going to miss her. She's heading to Baltimore, Maryland to work as a teacher. Most of our friends there say that the first year is really tough. We're not really worried about that, knowing her strength and passion for teaching :), it's just that, night outs will be incomplete without her. Pump and k1 will never be the same - its like dancing without the star dancer or singing without the birit queen.

So it's going to be the power of 4-1. We still have few days left and I'm looking forward to our despedida dinner. I know it's going to be dramatic. To you Jeanne, I wish you a life full of surprises, happiness and love.