Saturday, June 28, 2008


A nickname usually originates from someone's real name. These are usually used to make names shorter and thus easier to say. But like everybody else, I have a couple of nicknames, and some of them are not related to my real name, Netherlen.

Naknak - from the word "anak", mostly used by family members, relatives and friends from elementary

Naksi - it's from Naknak but with style

Ging2 - I really don't know why i had this nickname when i was a kid, it didnt last that long though

Nedeth - I used this when I was in high school. It reminds me of the so silent, obedient, righteous girl :)

Nedz - this is my official nickname. I started using this in college. I find it cool. Just read it with an "s" you dont have to buzz it, but please don't spell it like Neds, so baduy :)

Nedzy - this isn't official, but some of my friends from eTel use this

The image below was drawn by Marlon Pilongo, a good friend of mine. He did this from the jotter note of his Sony Ericsson mobile phone. He's got skills.

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