Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bernard & Lem

Bernard and Lem (Bernard Dacanay & Milafel Hope Awe) finally tied the knot! This happened on a one fine Wednesday morning of June at the Archbishop Palace chapel. I really liked the whole celebration because it was solemn and simple. It was not the usual grandiose wedding. They had roughly 40 guests, people who are close to them. Unfortunately, some close friends were not able to attend, so it was only me and Chanty.
Yes, it was solemn but funny. I so remember I almost burst out laughing when the priest said, "We gather here today to celebrate the union of ROBERT and Hope." Huh?? Where did he get the name Robert? It's BERNARD, Father!hahahah..
After the ceremony, followed a simple lunch at the bride's residence. Everything was simple, less hassle for the couple. Cheers to you guys!!! You rock! :)
This is their wedding cupcakes.


  1. yeah..i like simple weddings too with less hassles.

    If only I can turn back time.hahahha..

    glad you are into writing now. miss u naksi and gwapa ka kaau sa pix...

  2. hahaha!! funny si father oi! bloopers galore!

    i like the cupcakes! kewl! :D