Thursday, August 28, 2008

fEeLiNg dYoSa

I was reading Cosmopolitan earlier and they had this interview with the cast of Sex and the City. I never really got the chance to watch their series. All I know is that it's a story about 4 women in Manhattan, with different background and they always argue when it comes to men, dating and relationship. Sounds interesting.
I came across the picture of Sarah Jessica Parker, I really find her pretty and sexy. Well, here's my version of that page in Cosmo. Ambisyosa! Feeling Dyosa.

tOoTh fAiRy

I went to the dentist today to have my jacket fixed. It was kinda loose. I was scared it might fall since this porcelain jacket tooth is really expensive. Well, the main reason I keep on having this problem is that because I have Bruxism or involuntary teeth grind. To correct this, I had to buy this TMJ Appliance, it looks like the mouthpiece that is used by boxers, but smaller. I had to shell out 20k for this. Ouch!!! I'm supposed to wear this for 1 hour daily plus overnight.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

aNoThEr gOoDbYe

Another close friend of mine will be saying goodbye, my dear friend, Chanty. She'll be leaving on the 6th of September to Bangkok, Thailand. I'm sad because I'm so going to miss her but I'll support whatever decision she makes. Well it's the time, things are going to change, but then, what we have will always remain one precious thing. We had Starbucks earlier and started to be serious, was about to cry. Talking over coffee with her is one of the best.
Let me tell you about Chanty, she's a fighter, she's a B.I.T.C.H. (Babe In Total Control of Herself). What I love most when I'm with her is that, there's no good or bad. I can share to her my dirtiest secret and she'll just listen without making any judgment. We laugh together, cry together and then just go with the damn flow. I'm so thankful that we became friends.

Chanty, you have been such a blessing, thank you.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

wHaT kEePs Me bUsY

Here's what keeps me busy in the office, the Texas Hold'em Poker. It's really addicting. Well, I'm good at multitasking so I can still do my testing while playing, not during release though. Before, we only play it during "Poker night" which falls every Friday.
Other things which keeps me busy are - ER (Event Registration), CR (Class Registration), rSS (rShoolStore) and SACC (School Age Child Care). These are the real stuff which keeps me busy.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

bUddY @ wOrk

My best friend at work is SnagIt. There's just no other easy way to create mock ups but to use this. It's a screen capture software that is very user friendly. They have several capture profiles and you can do a lot of things with the image, depending on what you need. I use it for the presentations, reports, and sometimes in my blog.

Below is a sample to show why is it useful.