Saturday, October 25, 2008


If given a chance to own a business, I want to operate a shop for cakes and pastries. I'm not really good at baking but I liked it so much when I had few months of experience,
back in highschool. During our 4th year, we chose a major subject, actually took a test to qualify for a certain field, and got lucky to be included in cooking field. The best part there was the final test when we had to individually prepare a birthday cake. Icing application was a part of it, really challenging since we used foam icing. I enjoyed what I was doing and I want to learn more, like the fondant icing or how to prepare cheesecake.
The whole part of baking is fun, from buying the ingredients, to mixing, to tasting...I miss it... :)

Cakes from Cream n Bake.

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