Tuesday, October 28, 2008

cLaN mEeTiNg

The Calacar's clan will have another meeting this 2nd of November. I won't be able to attend though since I won’t be home ‘til the 15th. I’m hoping to hear progress of the clan’s business and no more inter family buzz. With the previous meeting, there were a lot of pending issue and important things to be finalized like the name to be registered. I was the emcee during the assembly, but not as effective as Ate Yen. :) It was kinda awkward since the whole program was about the cooperative and I can’t really relate to their speech. Basically, I was just introducing the speakers. They were presenting financial reports in Manila paper so I suggested that a projector from big screen center is what we need. We’ll get it once a computer is donated. I think the old Celeron at home will do. :)

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