Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MiSsEd mY aPpOiNtMeNt

I missed my doctor's appointment for my hyperthyroidism. That should be the first in my list when I go back to Cebu. I need to have a laboratory testing for my blood then go to my doctor for analysis. This will cost me approximately 1500 php. I'm just thankful that for the past two visits, everything's normal. My cousins told me to try going to other doctors to be sure with the results but naah, I'm good with her and her service. In general, I also like the hospital's management here my doc's clinic is. They're organized in their processes, from admission to making payments. I was admitted there last year for a couple of days and did not encounter any problem. This just reminds me of the Dan Neumeister Enloe thank you letter which I read.
Dan Neumeister has an exemplary contribution in the healthcare industry and helped a lot of organizations and hospitals. In customer service field, we are putting customer care first, just like he aims to have patient care first in hospitals. It would really be nice if a high quality and affordable health sytem will be available for everyone.

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