Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TrAiNiNg pRePaRaTiOn

When I was still handling training, I had to go to the office at least 1 hour before my actual class (at least for the first few days). There were so many things to prepare and check- the room, markers, eraser, easel sheets, the slides for the day, projector, the computers, devices and the test accounts.
There was one time that I did not check these, and the worst thing happened, I ended up using the manual for discussion since the projector was busted. The lamp needs replacement and it's so expensive. Good thing our purchasing department have those projector lamp center coupons. Thanks to Cheryll who's always available to run an errand, and to Dyan who's there to contact the right person for the job. Most of these lamps have 1000 hour life span, so i had to turn off the machine when not in use for 15 minutes. Well, that's just one of the challenges of being a trainer.

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