Sunday, November 30, 2008

mAmA's BiRtHdAy

Our baking mania has started. Yesterday was Mama’s birthday, so I baked chocolate cake w/ fudge icing and Joan did the baked macaroni.
My chocolate cake is not that chocolaty since I did not use Hershey’s cocoa as stated in the recipe. I was not confident enough to use it, and Hershey’s is so expensive. Anyway, it was still delicious but the fudge is just too sweet. I’ll still look for another icing recipe. The M&Ms are perfect for my toppings. I was actually looking for this certain candy, the tiny colorful ones that you sprinkle on cakes but was not able to see them in the supermarkets here in Tagbilaran.

At ang kawawang lechon...........

We are all exhausted since the first batch of visitors came here at 3am for the mananita, and the last batch were here 'til 7pm. Whew..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

WiShLiSt 2008

29 dAYS before Christmas and here's my wishlist:

-Ipanema slippers (35/36)
-Sunglasses, white frame (Guess is so expensive so ok na ang Charles and Keith or Mango)
-handbag/shoulder bag (again, mahal ang Guess so ok na ang Girbaud)

My gesh, can't think right now, I'm in the middle of bug testing... Will update list later...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

BaKiNg fOr bEgInNeRs

I'm excited to start baking. I've been browsing for easy-to-follow recipes of chocolate cakes, cookies, muffins, pies and other pastries. It would be so fun experimenting with my sis. But before we could start, we still need to shop for the utensils that we need like electric beater and the pans.

pHySiCs aLpHaBeT

Back in highschool, we were asked by our Physics teacher to make a jingle that would have Physics terms. Since it was almost Christmas, one team decided to use the tune of 12 Days of Christmas song. Here's the lyrics: (buti na lng one of the members of the group did not forget this)

P is for the projector so everyone can see
H is for the hardiness, the lesson that can be (doesn't make sense.. hehehe)
Y is for the y axis intersecting with the x
S is for the students who listen attentively
I is for information, we really get to see
C is calculator, we use it happily
S is for solutions, we solve it orderly

And now we already know about Physics alphabet
You listen to the teacher so that you will not forget

Friday, November 14, 2008

i MiSs YoU cHy

Had fun last night w/ Chy. We we're role-playing the scenes from the movie Enchanted.
The part where the old man took Giselle's crown then ran away. She used a yellow plastic bag as her crown, since her tiara is reserved for the Disney night. She also loves the part where Giselle fell from the billboard so she could shout, “Catch her, Daddy!” The movie is really nice; we love the songs, too.
I think Chy will be a very good stage actress. Sometimes we play the Snow White story where the old lady gives the apple and Chy will play dead. I'm so gonna miss this little lady. Ang kulit kulit kasi. Sabi niya, kita kita na lang tayo sa computer mommy Nak.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'm excited to go home but it will be an exhausting trip. Via Manila pa kasi, approximately 4 hours pa before my flight to Cebu.
Here's my to do list when I get home:
-visit my dentist
-have a whole body massage
-hot oil treatment for my hair
-join Joan sa gym
-sleep sleep sleep
-work work work

Saturday, November 8, 2008

2nD pAiR

Haha! I got another pair from Charles & Keith yesterday. Same deal, 30% off. Actually, Ate Yen paid for it, sweldo ko daw. :) The pair on the right is what i bought last week.


Nicaragua is more than the land of lakes and volcanoes. I was looking at the photos of their beaches and they are so wonderful. Looking at those pictures would make you want to close your laptop and go there right away. I saw pictures of Nicaragua hotels near the beach and they are awesome. When you need to relax, then you should be checking in those hotels. For those who want to stay there longer or visiting there often, it’s better to get condo units. Nicaragua condominiums are also perfect especially the ones with ocean view. If I can’t have my dream house, then a condo unit would be fine, why not.
And for those who are planning to own properties, there are several Nicaragua real estate guides who could help you in choosing the best location. Those who love Nicaragua would also definitely love Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, and Venezuela. Well who could resist staying in these countries with Caribbean coastlines, it’s like paradise. I guess I need a vacation :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I've been to Barcelona w/ Federer, Tokyo w/ Davenport, Shanghai w/ Hantuchova, Dubai w/ Haas, Vancouver w/ Sharapova, Milan w/ Nalbandian and Moscow w/Mauresmo. This is for my practice match invitation in preparation for my tournament. I started at rank 300 five years ago, and now I'm currently at rank 75. I was injured a couple of times but I recover fast with the help of my coach.
Well, that's Virtual Tennis 3, in Chy's PSP. :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

gOt LuCkY

Got lucky when I went to Charles & Keith last Sunday. I found a good pair of wedges for 32.80 SGD. Size 34 was available and it was less 30%, plus they have great customer service. I really love their shoes. I'm planning to buy another pair before I go home. They have more choices here and I believe it's more expensive in the Philippines. They also have wide variety and voguish accessories.

Monday, November 3, 2008

uSeD tO bE

It's time for my "lyrics of the month". This is an old song duet by Stevie Wonder and Charlene Duncan. Here ya go....

Superman was killed in Dallas
There's no love left in the palace
Someone took the Beatles' lead guitar
Have another Chivas Regal
You're 12 years old and sex is legal
Your parents don't know where or who you are

Used to be the hero of the ballgame
Took the time to shake the loser's hand
Used to be that failure only meant you didn't try
In a world where people gave a damn

Great big wars in little places
Look at all those frightened faces
But don't come here, we just don't have the room
Love thy neighbours wife and daughter
Cleanse your life with Holy water
We don't need to bathe, we've got perfume

Used to be a knight in shining armour
Didn't have to own a shiny car
Dignity and courage were the measure of a man
Not the drugs he needs to hide the scar

Can your teacher read, does your preacher pray
Does your president have soul
Have you heard a real good ethnic joke today
Mama took to speed and daddy ran away
But you mustn't lose control
Let's cut the class, I got some grass
The kids are wild we just can't tame 'em
Do we have the right to blame them

We fed them all our indecisions
We wrecked their minds with television
But what the hell, they're too young to feel pain
But I believe that love can save tomorrow
Believe the truth can make us free
Someone tried to say it, then we nailed Him to a cross
I guess it's still the way it used to be

Saturday, November 1, 2008

CaGaYaN bOnDiNg

I miss my girl friends. Photos shown above are taken from our Cagayan trip, one of the best bonding moments. Ang saya-saya mag river rafting, plus canopy walk, plus zip line.