Friday, November 14, 2008

i MiSs YoU cHy

Had fun last night w/ Chy. We we're role-playing the scenes from the movie Enchanted.
The part where the old man took Giselle's crown then ran away. She used a yellow plastic bag as her crown, since her tiara is reserved for the Disney night. She also loves the part where Giselle fell from the billboard so she could shout, “Catch her, Daddy!” The movie is really nice; we love the songs, too.
I think Chy will be a very good stage actress. Sometimes we play the Snow White story where the old lady gives the apple and Chy will play dead. I'm so gonna miss this little lady. Ang kulit kulit kasi. Sabi niya, kita kita na lang tayo sa computer mommy Nak.