Sunday, November 30, 2008

mAmA's BiRtHdAy

Our baking mania has started. Yesterday was Mama’s birthday, so I baked chocolate cake w/ fudge icing and Joan did the baked macaroni.
My chocolate cake is not that chocolaty since I did not use Hershey’s cocoa as stated in the recipe. I was not confident enough to use it, and Hershey’s is so expensive. Anyway, it was still delicious but the fudge is just too sweet. I’ll still look for another icing recipe. The M&Ms are perfect for my toppings. I was actually looking for this certain candy, the tiny colorful ones that you sprinkle on cakes but was not able to see them in the supermarkets here in Tagbilaran.

At ang kawawang lechon...........

We are all exhausted since the first batch of visitors came here at 3am for the mananita, and the last batch were here 'til 7pm. Whew..

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