Thursday, November 20, 2008

pHySiCs aLpHaBeT

Back in highschool, we were asked by our Physics teacher to make a jingle that would have Physics terms. Since it was almost Christmas, one team decided to use the tune of 12 Days of Christmas song. Here's the lyrics: (buti na lng one of the members of the group did not forget this)

P is for the projector so everyone can see
H is for the hardiness, the lesson that can be (doesn't make sense.. hehehe)
Y is for the y axis intersecting with the x
S is for the students who listen attentively
I is for information, we really get to see
C is calculator, we use it happily
S is for solutions, we solve it orderly

And now we already know about Physics alphabet
You listen to the teacher so that you will not forget

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