Saturday, December 27, 2008

tHe pArTy

On the 21st of December, dinner at 7pm was delicious.
Here are the details of the contribution:

Venue: Maslog Residence

Piyen/Chancel/Gino - lechon,dinuguan,inatayan
Brod - laroca
Ian - lumpia, banana cake, toron
Nedz - softdrinks,prizes
Cis/Ras - lechon manok
Von/Mitch - palabok
Jerald - chocolate cake
Eyong/Tora - rice
Jay - rent for the videoke set
Sir Arisola - beef steak, salad
Reeboy - spaghetti
Others - contributed cash

Twas followed by a series of games like hep hep hurray, newspaper dance and the main event,
MISS GAY. The candidates were:
Miss Airport: Von Madrinan
Miss Tamblot: Eleazar Torralba
Miss Baclayon: Alekcis Balista
Miss Booy: Jerald Sumampong
Miss Maria Clara: Rhenir Sagpang
Miss Mansasa: Julius Ian Maslog (winner)

The guys really prepared for it. hahahaha.

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