Wednesday, February 25, 2009

TiReD eYeS

I’ve been working at home since yesterday because my tooth jacket is under maintenance. Whew, imagine how funny my face looks, right now. That’s also the reason why I had noodles for dinner, I can’t go out with a tooth missing. I’m just glad it’s not that warm today, or else, our room would be as hot as an oven.
I’m having a bad headache. Maybe it’s a problem with my eyes, or maybe the slow internet connection is giving me headache. I face my computer for more than 8 hours a day and sometimes I really need to look very closely to the monitor for my mock up. Anyway, I believe I need a pair of eyeglasses or maybe visit the optometrist first. I was browsing the net and came across Zenni Optical. They have inexpensive and trendy pairs, which won’t make you, look like a geek. Their site is actually recommended by the New York Times for its affordable, standard glasses. Their website is user friendly, very helpful. They have a guide or description when you set the specifications of your prescription plus a large view of the eyeglasses.
This is my pick from Women’s Fashion category. I like the girly, floral design and it makes you look smart.

1st oN mY 25th

I had my first Sky Experience Adventure at Crown Regency on the night before my birthday. We took the edge coaster on the 38th floor, which goes around the edge of the building and tilts the seats up to 55 degrees. The tilting was kinda scary, but it will be a little bit boring if you don't tilt it to the max.
Details printed on my certificate.

Date: 02/21/2009
Time: 8:45 pm
Weather: Cloudy

Saturday, February 21, 2009

rEaDy oR nOt

Ready or not, I'm turning 25 this Sunday. 25 sounds old, but i don't really feel that way. I read an article about how women usually complain about wrinkles and their figures as they get old. We are more concerned on achieving our ideal physique. Well, I'm guilty, but not really doing anything about it. Being old is actually best is some things - old book best to read, old wood best to burn, old wine best to drink. It only matters if you're a cheese. :)
Tomorrow, my parents are coming over to celebrate my birthday, and An-an's gift will be our hotel accommodation. Yipee....
Cating, I know you tried your best to convince her that we stay at Marco Polo or Club Ultima, but you were not successful at it, so I'll expect a gift from you. See you on Monday. Luv y'all.

Gotta clean up my desk now and go home.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

gOoD aNd BaD


Had lunch with An-an at Lamesa Grill SM Cebu branch. They have BAD customer service. Their waiters are just so lousy and they're not doing their job, or maybe they didn't have training on how to do their job well. So, when we got the receipt and their feedback form, well, 98% of the items were rated BAD. I hope the waiters were honest enough to forward the form to their manager. It was not attached to the receipt, so they can just throw it away if they want to.

After lunch, we visited i-Store and it was worse. The first guy who entertained us was really rude. We were asking questions about a certain product, but he did not take us seriously, he just left us coz he had to do other stuff, without even excusing himself. So we told the other lady about what happened and we found out that they don't work on commission, so maybe that's why he's not that interested in entertaining us.

If only we're mean girls.... Grrrrrrrrrrrrr... Anyway, the day ended superbly.


Got an early birthday present from Ate Karen, bag from Girbaud. Yipee!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Its been a long time since i went out with my college friends. We have plans for tonight, and i just hope things will go well. I just want to relax and have fun. I don't want to talk about my work or listen to theirs. I had enough for this week, go to work at 3pm and go home at 4am.
Goodnight for now staging/pre-release/live sites, see you on Monday.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Thanks to Cattski for sending me the lyrics. I love their songs and the lyrics. Please support their upcoming album, SOUND MINDS SPEAK VOLUMES.

so many questions
the answers are lies
so many things to keep inside
these are my thoughts
that need real meaning
though i've been so blind
in time i will find
but what are my chances with you
will i ever be able to anwer your questions
the very same questions, i asked of myself
so many questions, that turn to conclusions
so many things to figure out
these are my fears, the effects of your inquiries
these are the things you do to me
but is this me
why am i here, what am i doing
where am i going
what do you want from me
what do i have to do
what am i to you
why do i complain
why do i seem to lose control
over these questions
these unending questions
that you never cease to ask of me
you can never change me
cause this is me
why am i here, what am i doing
where am i going
what do you want from me
what do i have to do
what am i to you
what am i to you