Tuesday, February 10, 2009

gOoD aNd BaD


Had lunch with An-an at Lamesa Grill SM Cebu branch. They have BAD customer service. Their waiters are just so lousy and they're not doing their job, or maybe they didn't have training on how to do their job well. So, when we got the receipt and their feedback form, well, 98% of the items were rated BAD. I hope the waiters were honest enough to forward the form to their manager. It was not attached to the receipt, so they can just throw it away if they want to.

After lunch, we visited i-Store and it was worse. The first guy who entertained us was really rude. We were asking questions about a certain product, but he did not take us seriously, he just left us coz he had to do other stuff, without even excusing himself. So we told the other lady about what happened and we found out that they don't work on commission, so maybe that's why he's not that interested in entertaining us.

If only we're mean girls.... Grrrrrrrrrrrrr... Anyway, the day ended superbly.


Got an early birthday present from Ate Karen, bag from Girbaud. Yipee!!!

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  1. congrats , Naksi of your new domain. Finally, it is yours!