Saturday, February 21, 2009

rEaDy oR nOt

Ready or not, I'm turning 25 this Sunday. 25 sounds old, but i don't really feel that way. I read an article about how women usually complain about wrinkles and their figures as they get old. We are more concerned on achieving our ideal physique. Well, I'm guilty, but not really doing anything about it. Being old is actually best is some things - old book best to read, old wood best to burn, old wine best to drink. It only matters if you're a cheese. :)
Tomorrow, my parents are coming over to celebrate my birthday, and An-an's gift will be our hotel accommodation. Yipee....
Cating, I know you tried your best to convince her that we stay at Marco Polo or Club Ultima, but you were not successful at it, so I'll expect a gift from you. See you on Monday. Luv y'all.

Gotta clean up my desk now and go home.

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  1. sensya na nak, gahi au si joan. hehehe. i did my best but i guess my best isn't good enough. hehehe