Tuesday, March 31, 2009

nEw BedRoOm

I had to stay at Gloria Jean's coffee shop last weekend to work. I love it there, fast and free internet, and if you get lucky, there's no charge for the electricity. :) After work, I watched the following movies and had fun:

1. My Best Friend's Girl 
2. Bedtime Stories
3. Accidental Husband
4. Role Model

The next weekends will always be in work mode, I have to save hard and work harder to help with the expenses for our home's renovation. We also have to shop for our new bedroom. We need new comfortable bed, comforter, dresser with a mirror, a lamp would be nice too. The AC unit will be last on my list, I can still use our old electric fan.

A small, neat bedroom like this would be nice..


  1. and since we share bedroom , I have to say, I agree to this idea. Minimalistic and elegant, no fuzz.

    And yep, including the breakfast in bed.


  2. yeah... elegant... but you know, we can always change the theme by changing sheets, like the girly theme, esp when Chy is around. :)

  3. it would be pink most probably.hehhee