Friday, April 17, 2009

mOrE cOuPoNs FoR nEw pLaCe

Finally, we checked out the apartment today, which was recommended by Ethel. We’ve been looking for apartment for rent since I don’t know when. We have viewed several, and this one is close to what my sister and I need. The place is lovely and the location is perfect. And the curtains made it lovelier. The place is close to a water-refilling station and a laundry shop and some restaurants. Once we have the AC and internet installed, I’ll be fine working at home. What I’m excited about the most is the mini kitchen. I can now cook at least during weekends. It means more groceries, not junk food or chocolates this time but maybe more of something that I can cook. I would never worry about that with the help of Terri’s list and the grocery coupons. It will definitely help us save. Well, we really have to save more if we decide to move there since it’s more expensive that what we are renting now. We are 95% sure that we’ll take it; we don’t have any other options anyway.

My vibes are good with the place and our housemate to be is nice, so I don’t think we’ll have a problem with that.

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