Sunday, May 24, 2009

Piskay Jamo

Everyone is invited to visit “Piskay Jamo”, a visual art exhibit of Boholano artists at SM city Cebu from May 22-June 7, located at the 2nd floor Art Center. It features the works of Keith Ancog, Carlito Masalta, Eric Catot, Guy Custodio, Joey Labrador and Glenn Lumantao.


  1. Hello we are s group of artists from Holland and we visited this exhibit. Fantastic artworks particularly those by eric catot and guy custodio, the rest we find mediocre, but the artists there at the mall were great.when are you going to have another bohol exhibit? thank you much. Van Leer

    1. Hi there. Im not really part of the group but I asked one of the artists and they are going to have another exhibit called "Buhol-Bohol" starting jan 18 and it may be in Ayala or at CAP building in Jones ave.