Thursday, July 16, 2009

gEtTiNg MBT Shoes?

I miss shopping, for shoes in particular. I hope I could do that this weekend with An-an using her gift certificate. Luckily, she got them today. I no longer want to use her credit card for shopping; I still owe her a lot.
I also miss wearing high-heeled footwear but with the kind of work I have, it’s not a necessity to have more of this type. Unlike when I worked in a call center, every female employee is required to wear at least 2-inch heels. So it’s like everyday, is a battle of the best high heels. It just feels sexy when I’m a wearing a 3-inch heel. Unhappily, the last pair of heels I bought is still giving me painful blisters at the back of my ankle. I usually get blisters for the first or second time wearing it, but I have already worn it a couple of times, it’s no longer new. Too bad, I love that pair. So it would be nice if I can find something more comfortable. Maybe I could find more choices from Beautifeel Shoes or from MBT Shoes. MBT specializes in providing comfort and style to their products, and several styles to choose from sandals, casual, and walking footwear.

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