Wednesday, September 16, 2009

BaKiNg cLaSs

I have a plan for November, that is, to attend a baking class. I have chosen a class at Kerri’s Bake Stop, the Baking Basics 101. The course aims to equip beginners with the procedures and techniques of baking, and to bake with confidence. There will be 2 recipes per session, and it would include choco chip cookies, muffins, apple pies, brownies, chocolate cupcakes and we get to decorate our own cupcakes. Once I’ve learned the basics, I’ll definitely take the Hand-on fondant class next.
It would really be nice to get serious with baking and start a business. Then I could bake Chy’s cupcakes and take orders for Christmas and other occasions. Then people will blog about my cakes, and I will have my own calling cards, not like those free business cards though that they offer online, you’ll only end up spending more.