Wednesday, March 24, 2010

askALL 1.1 SuMmEr OuTinG

It was askALL's first time to have an out-of-town gathering, and sadly, we we're not complete.

Saturday morning, we took the 6am trip of Oceanjet. I don't like Ojet much but it's the most affordable choice for fastcraft. They still offer 320php roundtrip fare so long as you purchase at least two weeks before the travel date.

From Tagbilaran, we travelled to E.A.T Danao for approximately 2 hours. We only tried the Suislide since most of the activites were fully booked by ABSCBN. Anyway, the 40-second ride was fun. It was scary for the first 10 seconds but when you look at the view, it's really amazing.

Next stop was at Sagbayan peak. Most of them already visited the place, so we only stayed there for few minutes for our pictorials.

Then we went to my aunt's place in Sagbayan to have our snack....   

 We then proceeded to Bilar, and rested at Logarita spring then went home for dinner. Thanks to my mom who prepared a yummy dinner.

The next day, our first stop was at the manmade forest, then we proceeded to El Sumampong farm for the horseback riding.

We spent the rest of the day at Dumaluan public beach then went back to Mellow apartelle and continued the fun in their pool.
We went back to Cebu the next day and took the 9:30 am of Oceanjet.

Friday, March 12, 2010

aMeRiCaN iDoL pReDiCTiOn

Here's my prediction for the AI elimination:

12. Tim Urban
Why? For some reason, I just hate seeing him perform on stage. And he's not a good performer. Plus, he should have been eliminated instead of Alex Lambert.

11. Paige Miles
Why? She's got the voice but she doesn't have the looks or the charm to be there.

10. Aaron Kelly
Why? He's a good singer but doesn't really have the star quality.

9.  Katie Stevens
Why? She'll stay this long since I think she has fans and she's really charming. But, I hate her. She should have been the one eliminated instead of Lilly Scott.

8. Andrew Garcia
Why? He'll be eliminated this early since I don't really see him as a flexible performer, but he has good voice.

7. Lacey Brown
Why? I love her style but she would not become a mainstream artist.

6. Michael Lynche
Why? A lot of people would vote for him. I think people would always remember the story of his wife who delivered their first child during Hollywood week.

5. Didi Benami
Why? She's pretty, and sexy and I love her voice.

4.  Lee Dewyze
Why? He'll have more good feedback from the judges, and eventually, a lot of people would notice him.

3. Casey James
Why? Girls would really vote for him. So long as he's singing alternative songs, he's safe.

2. Crystal Bowersox
Why? I actually want her to be on top but I think Siobhan has more fans.

1. Siobhan Magnus
Why? Based on her performance, she's really great and I'm a fan. :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i WaNnA gO tO bOrA

Summer is already here and it's not so fun to be in the sun nowadays. But I still wanna go to Boracay, despite the fact that the sun's heat is unbearable from 11am-2pm.  I'm hoping I could go there this year. If not this summer, maybe sometime in June or July. I would really love to go there, relax and enjoy the beach. Just waiting for Cebu Pacific's seat sale.