Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ToGeThEr FoReVeR

Congratulations Jerald and Iren.  You guys can now finally relax, the celebration was really successful.

The priest was really fun. He had a 45 minute long homily but it was not boring. He started it by singing “Kung ikaw inday mangitag pamanhonon, siguroa baya ang Bol-anon”, a fitting song for them.
There were noteworthy stuff the priest said during his homily which I couldn’t forget:
-That there are three elements of living together and these are
•    Thank you
•    I’m sorry
•    I forgive you
-That the principal sponsors play a big role in the first few years of the lives of the couple coz they are still “babies” in marriage.  So if their marriage goes wrong, the sponsors are to be blamed partly.
-That a civil wedding is a union of two individuals in the eyes of men but a church wedding is union of two individuals in eyes of God. So if you decide to marry in church, you are asking Him to be part and to be the center of your marriage.

The dinner reception was nothing grandiose but I’m glad I was able to help by being the emcee. I know they didn’t have any other choice. Hehhehe. Anyway, the most touching part was the father-bride/mother-groom dance, accompanied by “Daddy’s Angel” song. Their parents couldn’t stop crying that Iren signaled me not to finish the song and just move on with the program.

After the dinner reception, we went back to Barufols resort and spend the rest of the night with DKLAN. 

Von, Mich, JaneAnn, Gino, Eleazar, Yanex, Nedz, Eric, Iren, Jerald, Jay, Rhenir, Alekcis, Chancel (taking this pic).

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