Sunday, June 27, 2010


I am a GleeK. I never thought I'd fall in love with the series when I watched the first few episodes. But now, I couldn't get enough of their songs. And I am very excited with Season 2 now that Charice is confirmed as a cast. I hope they would feature Miss Saigon songs and more of Beatles'.

Season 1 showcased a lot of great performance and this is one of my favorites, very touching.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Rainy season is here and the rainfall in SG for the past few days is usually more than the average. As I read the newspaper today, I found out that the rain yesterday caused flood in several areas here in SG and caused several trees to fall. Since there’s no perfect weather, I also had to endure a very slow internet connection. So I had limited facebook time last night and still did not finish the pending bug I’ve been testing for days.

Anyway, it’s funny how you get a lot of info from FB nowadays. Status updates here and there, and if you connect these, then you get yourself a latest gossip. Nevertheless, FB gives a lot of important updates – like Iren is expected to deliver her baby girl next week and I also found out that a friend of mine from Bohol owns Northway Tyre Center. If you’re having problems with wheel alignment and balancing, visit their shop located along CPG Ave, Tagbilaran City. Of course, don’t expect them to have check engine light available, it’s not a Chicago auto repair. You can also call 416-5240, 235-7191 for further inquiries. So go ahead, bring your car for a stress free auto repair, and check out other services.