Friday, December 31, 2010

gOoDbYe 2010

Thank you 2010!

JANUARY - first time to watch Lea Salonga concert

FEBRUARY - I celebrated my birthday in Bohol. It was fun as I celebrated it with my CAD officemates and friends from Tagbilaran.
MARCH - AskAll team summer outing
MAY - I visited SG again, twas fun especially with my 2 sisters around.
JULY - my first Universal Studios SG experience.
AUGUST - revisited SG again but it was not such a good idea.
OCTOBER - revisited Camiguin, it was memorable.
NOVEMBER - together again with Jeanne

I wasn't able to visit a new place this year but I'm still glad I that I was able to revisit some places. I want to go to Bali next year with Chanty but it's quite impossible now with our family project. So maybe I'll just hope to visit a new town? Anda or Alicia perhaps? heheheeh


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