Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ShOpPiNg aNd PaYdAy LoAnS

18 days before Christmas and everyone’s starting to get busy. Long lines in the department store, long lines in ATMs, restaurant being full, and traffic everywhere are signs that some already got their 13th month pay and other bonuses. Well, lucky for them, not everyone’s getting a bonus, and that includes me. It's already the season for shopping and I haven't done it yet, I'm planning to do it this weekend. It’s in my TO DO list, including wrapping gifts. For me, wrapping is just as exciting as tearing the wrapper of a gift, so I always prefer it than just putting gifts in a paper bag.

Not everyone though, have these bonuses. Some may resort to applying for payday loans. Getting payday loans is now convenient. Most institutions offer online application and some don't even need a credit check. You don't really need to have a good credit standing, which is one of the major problems when getting other types of loans. You don't need to wait for weeks to get your loan; you can get cash as early as an hour.

But still, we all have to be responsible when it comes to financial matters. Payday loans maybe so easy but make sure that you’re getting it for the right reason. It’s also important that you understand the terms before getting one.

Anyway, whether they got a loan or a bonus, people are so going to shop, shop, and shop ‘til they drop. So it’s better to have a list of stuff you want to buy before you go to the malls this weekend. Shopping is fun but it’s going to be exhausting during busy season. Or better yet, do your shopping during weekdays, and beware of pickpockets and ON SALE signs, they definitely going to drain your cash.

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