Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The PLDT customer service rep who won't help

My internet's back so I'm no longer that furious.

 I'm using PLDT's DSL and both my internet and phone line didn't work when I got back here in Cebu. So I checked their billing statement to look for a cust service # and only found 171 which is useless since you can only use it using the PLDT line. So I asked my friends to search for a PLDT Cebu office number. I got several numbers. First one, just kept on ringing for hours, the other one is always busy. I was already frustrated since I badly need internet for my work and all I did whole morning was to hear the phone ringing or a busy tone. So after several hours, I was relieved that somebody already answered.

I explained to her that I cannot use 171 since I didn't have a dialtone, but she insisted that I'll use that number coz according to her, that's the only way to get thru tech support. What made me even more furious was when she told me that she couldn't help me so I'd better look for a neighbor who's using PLDT so I can dial 171. The conversation went on for few minutes and I was almost screaming and she wasn't really gonna help me so I dropped the call.

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