Thursday, May 26, 2011

poem for my bff

I don't remember what year I wrote this, but I gave it to my friend Chanty, years ago. She kept it and reminded me about it. I recently read it again, and it made me smile, everything here is still true.

can't find another you and me
in this world of reality
guess we're really meant to be
and its not a mystery

together we dream and fly
share thoughts that we keep inside
waiting for time to pass by
eyes closed and enjoy the ride

been through high and low
tears fell and dried out
just go with the damn flow
through hesitation and doubt

we laugh out loud though sad
we're drunk but still sober
we're good but very bad
so much ironies we encounter

we're crazy it's real
but i am so much grateful
amidst the odds we still feel
that life is fuckin' beautiful

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