Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lovin' Boracay

After years of hoping to visit the place, I finally did, with my sister. It was the perfect time to visit, during off peak season. We were able to have fun at the beach, have water sport, have a wonderful night out, relax, and work at the same time. Yeah, we are boring; we brought work with us, while enjoying their happy hour. :)

We had to travel from Bohol, took a fast ferry to Cebu then took a 50 min flight to Caticlan. Upon arrival at their airport, we registered at their tourist desk and paid 115php per head and this includes tricycle (from airport to seaport), boat fare (caticlan to boracay) and environmental fee. So there was no hassle since you already paid everything and just present your tickets when needed. It's just convenient so it's not really practical to pay transfers w/ your hotel.

When we arrived at the Boracay port, we took a tricycle going to our hotel at station 3, Arwana hotel and our vacation began.

@ Charlhs bar, a good place to just relax and enjoy the acoustic music..

helmet diving, it was a nice experience

enjoying Boracay beach

I love Boracay and I'll definitely go back

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