Thursday, May 3, 2012

Meant to be

Suddenly, I have a round trip ticket to Hong Kong for November. Last labor day, at 2am, I was supposed to book tickets for my parents with Cebu Pacific airlines. The first time I submitted it, I got an error so I had to do it over again. When I logged in to my account, I forgot to uncheck "I'm travelling", but I actually changed the names in the fields to my parents'. So I submitted and processed the payment and was shocked to see my name in the passengers' list. Well, partly it's my fault for not rechecking the summary before I submitted the payment. I was too concerned unchecking the optional extra charges. And it's a big bug of their website. Even if the "I'm travelling" box is checked, the names I manually entered should override my stored info.

Anyway, we couldn't do anything about it, so my sister was forced to make it an early Christmas present since I was using her credit card. And I believe it's a "meant to be" mistake. It would be actually better to accompany my parents so they could maximize their time in HK. With the flight schedule, it's like we'll only have 2 days and a half there. I've been there last 2009 and I loved it. I hope my sis could join us. It will also be a perfect time for me to travel again outside the country since our training ends on October.

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