Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Nosebleed with the Cebuano version of the daily forecast:

moderate to rough wind - Kasarangan ngadto sa makusog na hangin
cloudy skies with light rain - mapanganoron na kalangitan inubanan sa mahinay na pag-ulan
rest of the country - ubang dapit sa nasud
Northern - amihanang
Western - kasadpan
Southern Luzon and Eastern Visayas will experience - habagatang Luzon ug ang Silangang Visayas      

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


This happened twice already and if it happens the 3rd time, I would really freak out. Last Thursday and Sunday night, while watching movies from my laptop in the dining area, a bat flew in and dropped a “tambis” fruit near my spot. It was really weird since it happened twice. I’m just forcing myself to be brave right now since I really need to stay here while waiting for a training in Manila. So now, I’m avoiding the dining area at night & just lock myself in the room coz I don’t want to see that bat again. But well, if you are batman, then show me your batmobile first!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

More fun in HongKong

Enjoyed Hong Kong the second time, especially with the free plane tickets, food and accommodation.. Thank you sponsors. :D

Going home

Had a very exhausting trip today, but I should get used to it. It is a cheaper and faster way to go home. From the office, I went to the port in Lapulapu going to Pier 3. From Pier 3, I took a cab going to Pier 1, good thing I didn’t have to wait long, I was just on time for Starcraft’s 2pm schedule, but the economy  seats (200php) were already booked so I had to pay for their “business class” (280php). It was just an hour trip to Tubigon and from there; I waited for van going to Carmen. It’s another 1 hour trip. From Carmen, I took another bus going to Bilar. It was very tiring but what matters is I know I’m going HOME.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 1

Today is my official 1st day of work at PAGASA. I thought I won’t be able to start today coz I almost got sick. My body was so stressed from travelling by air, sea and land in one day, and I was busy looking for a  room4rent in Cebu and didn’t have enough rest. Plus, the thing that made it worse was, the cab that I took hit the car in front of us and had a bad headache coz my head hit the front seat’s head support.  Things would have been worse if I was seated in front.  Then yesterday, was another land and sea travel.  Whew!  but I managed to get up early today and had a good kind of busy start.