Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013

I welcomed 2013 filled with joy and optimism. There are so many things to thank for during the past year and a lot of things to hope for, for 2013. I’m seeing a very busy 2013 and I’m excited.  It’s gonna be busy in all departments of my life and I’ve got some very important targets this year, including learning how to drive. 
2012 was another memorable year because of new friends, new course, new career and new love. It was another turning point of my life and I survived. It’s the year when I started to get excited when there’s a storm coming. It was also the year when I made important decisions, including having curls, and it was the year when I was brave enough to join a dance contest, Gangnam style.

my curly hair (i was in grade 5 the last time i had my hair curled)

Cheers to 2013!!!!!

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