Friday, March 22, 2013

The buzz

There has been a lot of buzz this week, and I’m not talking about the James-Kris or Chiz-Heart issue. 
Last Monday, PAGASA declared the official start of "summer". So it means we may feel a temperature of up to 40-degree Celsius (based on heat index or the human perceived equivalent temperature).
Last Wednesday, March 20, is the vernal equinox, the time when we have equal days and nights. 
Yesterday, we celebrated the 63rd World and 148th National Meteorological Day, along with the launching of the COSMO, another weather prediction model. Then today, we’re going to have a video conference with the central office people for very important announcement/changes in the management. 

And based on international models, something's brewing over the Pacific Ocean. We might have a stormy holy week.

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