Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Work load

There's a lot new things at work this month which keeps me busy. First, we now have the new COSMO up and running for forecasting. I won't say that it is better than the other models, but it's pretty exciting for me since it's going to help me, a newbie, make a localized forecast. Next is the Visayas website, it's already up and we are now customizing the contents. Along with these, we have created our twitter and FB accounts for the warning of thunderstorm and heavy rains. There ain't gonna be lazy days at the office since we're are hoping to launch this by June.

All these are good improvements of the agency's regional centers, but the problems now is lack of manpower. You can't just designate these things to a workflow management software. We are lucky for now that we have on the job trainees, but once they are done w/ their hours, then goodluck to us.

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