Monday, October 28, 2013

Summer Xmas

My VISA and ticket for the warm Christmas holiday are ready, just waiting for my authority to travel. I also need to diet coz I've been craving and eating fast food lately, which maybe the effect of not being scared anymore of aftershocks. I should watch what I eat or else I'll be wearing plus size outerwear for women. Little black dresses won't help this time of the year since I should be bringing bright-coloured clothing for summer.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Visiting the quake’s epicenter | Sun.Star


Helping Sagbayan
Two days before President Aquino visited Sagbayan, three volunteers led by software engineer Joan Saletrero visited some of the town’s more remote barangays to bring food and water. They crossed rough roads, made muddy and dangerous by rain, to reach communities like Libertad del Norte, some six kilometers from the main highway.
“These places are very remote; you would never think people actually live there,” the 32-year-old said in a Facebook post on Oct. 22, after her team delivered goods to six remote barangays. “To those who are organizing relief operations, please include Libertad del Sur and del Norte. They need more help.”
Saletrero was on her way home last Oct. 15, after buying some fresh bread, when she met and started chatting with friends in front of the Bilar church. She saw a huge flock of birds overhead, then heard the ground rumble.
They crawled to an open space and heard the church bell peal from the tremors. “I saw some parts of the church’s façade breaking and falling. It was a terrifying experience. I thought I was going to die.”
Two days later, when Bilar town’s power was restored, Saletrero saw the news of the earthquake’s toll for the first time. She and two sisters, one based in Cebu and the other in Australia, e-mailed friends or sent FB messages to ask for help. She thought they would raise P50,000 at most.
They raised P183,551 in six days.
Saletrero worked with 10 other volunteers who helped her buy and pack food and water. To help as many people as possible, only three persons would go on each distribution trip, so they could load more relief goods in their Sukuzi APV.
To reach earthquake survivors in Sagbayan, their team crossed a rickety wooden bridge, drove past fallen boulders and persisted despite strong aftershocks.
“Knowing that Sagbayan was the epicenter, it was a terrifying experience for us,” she told Sun.Star Cebu.
She expressed hope that other relief operations will reach out to remote barangays where clean water remains scarce, where—despite the President’s appeal for them to go home—families still camp out in plazas or open spaces while they wait for the aftershocks and their anxiety to ebb.
“I hope more people will help our province so that we can all rise again,” Saletrero said. “I hope they will never get tired of helping.”

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Better World

It always makes me sad when night falls coz there are still a lot of people in Bohol who don’t have electricity and some may not have blanket, so I just close my eyes and say a little pray that they could endure the darkness and the cold. Their suffering won’t end soon; it will take some time to recover. It’s really sad.
So I dedicate this song to all the victims of the Earthquake in Bohol. I would love to hear this being sung by the Loboc children's choir, and inspire everyone to DREAM, because so long as we can dream, there's a BETTER WORLD.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


URDUJA, the 21st tropical cyclone this year, will just pass by the NE corner of PAR and is not expected to affect any part of the country. But we are still expecting 2-3 TCs 'til the end of the year, so we need to stay vigilant especially that at this time of the year, cyclones usually passes Visayas region.
Lord, please give us time to recover before giving us another calamity,

Cause Your love just keeps on healing us
No matter how we bruise
If we just trust You
Your love just keeps on dealing us
One more clue
One more chance that wasn't there before
In your arms
no pain can harm the way we're feeling
Lord we know that Your love is healing

Monday, October 21, 2013


Shocks after shocks were felt today, a week since the major earthquake happened. I'm still not used to these aftershocks which is believed to last for a month. The news' headlines are still about the disaster which makes it difficult to swallow your dinner knowing thousands of your fellow Boholanos aren't eating tonight. I know that almost everyone in our province is on the move in helping, so, in our own little way, we are already in our third batch of goods to be distributed which includes blankets, and hopefully, there will be more donors so we can still go on our 4th which could include medicines like atorvastatin 10 mg.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Heal our Land

In my lectures on meteorological hazards, sometimes, I'd mention that women should be agents of RESILIENCE - "the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties", but It's easier said than done. After the 7.2 magnitude earthquake which happened last October 15, I am still weak and scared and emotional. An aftershock and being alone always leaves me trembling and palpitating and every time I see a post in Facebook about some barangay which don't have drinking water, my heart is crushed. I thought I will be strong in times of disaster, but no, I am such a weakling, so Lord, I pray, heal my heart and heal our land.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Helping Bohol

Bohol will never be the same again. In a matter of seconds, Bohol was shaken and left us devastated. The experience was very traumatic and I know it will take some months before I could sleep well. Yesterday, after seeing the situation of a neighboring town, I was heartbroken. Their homes are shattered into pieces, they are homeless. But Bohol, won't be in this state for long. It's also heartwarming to know that those who are less affected are now united and helping our fellow Boholanos in any way they can. Today, we also started soliciting from our friends to help some areas in the town of Sagbayan. We are overwhelmed by the response and the amount we solicited will help families survive for a day. Tomorrow, we will be buying groceries in wooden boxes to be distributed to some families in remote areas, who don't have direct access to relief goods given by most organizations/teams who visited the town.

My beloved Bohol, will never be the same, but we will stay strong and we will rise again. #bangonBohol

My Bohol


Friday, October 11, 2013

Santi 2013

The 19th cyclone this year is expected to landfall in Aurora province tonight. It will bring strong winds and heavy to torrential rains over Luzon so I hope everyone is prepared by now as the weather bureau has given enough warning on what to expect for the next hours. This is already a typhoon category, so it will definitely bring damage to agriculture and infrastructure but I hope there will be no casualties.

Papa's flight to Sydney will be tonight as well; praying for a safe flight and I'm hoping the typhoon will weaken after landfall so I could also travel by sea safely tomorrow.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


I find the story, and the combination of cast weird.  Jennifer G., Ty Burrell, and Olivia Wilde are okay w/ their roles, but for Alicia S., I didn't recognize her, maybe because the image I had in mind was still during her teenage years, but w/ this movie, she played a mother and she looked old. Hugh Jackman, I think the role is too small to be played by him. But anyway, it was an interesting movie, I didn't know there is butter sculpting. It looks fun and the artistic side of me wants to experiment w/ a stick of butter, but room temperature just won't do,  it would be like holding the butter for these clamps. Well, I'm giving this a 5/10.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


O for October and Optimistic. Today, I want to remind myself to be always positive and look at the bright side of things especially during the times when I feel groggy and cranky. I want to be more cheerful, grateful, kind, thoughtful, friendly and beautiful. I am enjoying my "Cheese", and hey, its already my work-weekend, I have more reasons to be cheerful!