Friday, October 18, 2013

Helping Bohol

Bohol will never be the same again. In a matter of seconds, Bohol was shaken and left us devastated. The experience was very traumatic and I know it will take some months before I could sleep well. Yesterday, after seeing the situation of a neighboring town, I was heartbroken. Their homes are shattered into pieces, they are homeless. But Bohol, won't be in this state for long. It's also heartwarming to know that those who are less affected are now united and helping our fellow Boholanos in any way they can. Today, we also started soliciting from our friends to help some areas in the town of Sagbayan. We are overwhelmed by the response and the amount we solicited will help families survive for a day. Tomorrow, we will be buying groceries in wooden boxes to be distributed to some families in remote areas, who don't have direct access to relief goods given by most organizations/teams who visited the town.

My beloved Bohol, will never be the same, but we will stay strong and we will rise again. #bangonBohol

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