Thursday, November 28, 2013

To the mall

It’s a rainy afternoon so I decided to just stay at home and relax; I initially planned to go to the mall. Well, it’s been a long time since I spent my work off days here in Cebu coz I’ve been going home for the past weeks. Surprisingly, when I used my laptop, the desktop display is messed up. I don’t know what caused this, the display only uses about 70% of the screen and the right side is black. I’ve been trying making adjustments in the settings but to no avail.  So rain or shine tomorrow, I’ll head to the mall coz I miss the Christmassy, jolly feel as they play Christmas songs everywhere, but I’ll better prepare myself since it’s so tempting to shop with the holiday spirit.

Happy 60th

Happy 60th birthday Mama. Stay young and beautiful. I love you.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Pacman fans can now rejoice! After giving us 12 rounds of good fight, he was declared as winner via unanimous decision. Well, if it wasn't unanimous, it would have been controversial. Another good part was when Jessica Sanchez sang both the Filipino and the American national anthems. It was simple, sincere and clean.

TC 1324

Yolanda headlines still linger as Visayas continues to suffer the damages brought by the cyclone. The province of Bohol, even if not directly hit by it, is still suffering as power outage continues, but good the good thing is, it will be off my task list, as I have finished my report for TC 1324.

"Typhoon Yolanda with an international name "Haiyan",  is the strongest tropical cyclone in the world for the year 2013. While still in the Pacific Ocean, on November 3, it developed into a tropical depression, it then intensified and became a tropical storm on Nov. 4, and the day after, it further intensified and became a typhoon. Due to its strength and rapid intensification, most National Weather agencies and media around the globe monitored the system and  most of them came up with more or less the same forecast, that it will cross central Philippines. Even before it entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR), information about the system have already been broadcasted and disseminated through different media (televisions, radio stations, website, SMS) including warnings of the hazards like storm surge, heavy rains, strong winds, flooding and landslides. Due to the expected severity of the system, the day before  it made landfall, President Benigno S. Aquino III delivered a statement emphasizing that Yolanda would bring very real danger. Everyone was prepared, but still, thousands of lives were not spared."

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Visayas will rise

Power outage, network outage and insufficient water supply leads to prolonged agony to all the victims of these natural calamities. But I read some good news today - the secretary of the Department of Energy gave assurance that the power supply will be fully restored before Christmas, and DOT said, "The Philippines remains a safe and fun destination for all tourists. The Visayas region, despite Typhoon Haiyan, plays host to several top destinations such as Boracay, Cebu, Bohol, Iloilo, and Bacolod, which remain open for business with their respective ports of entry still accessible to tourists."

Resilience, it's more fun in the Philippines.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Yolanda 2013

In less than a month, I experienced earthquake, tornado and a typhoon, so what could possibly  be next, an alien attack perhaps?

Yolanda was a heartbreaker, she crushed my heart on my first year anniversary working here in PAGASA last November 8. Every news about the devastation breaks my heart. I don't know why is this all happening, can't help but cry when I imagine what the victims went through during the typhoon and also for the survivors coz they have nothing left now. Our country is being tested and I hope we could all stay strong as we help one another. We already had enough casualties this year

20 typhoon Santi
100 war in Zamboanga
200 earthquake in Bohol
10000 typhoon Yolanda

and only God knows if something bigger will follow.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Runway for Jen

So Jennifer A. is planning to build a runway at her Bel Air mansion. Whoa, she's that rich. Well, FRIENDS made her that wealthy which I believe was a million dollars per episode towards the end of the series and they are still earning from that show until now since it is still being aired in several networks worldwide, plus she's doing movies too. So I bet buying Reeds gemstone jewelry, getting a mansion or building a runway wouldn't hurt her finances, especially that she still have upcoming movies. I don't like her that much in movies but she's still one of my favorite actresses.  I just hope her relationship with Justin T will last long.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Not yet over

It's not over yet for aftershocks. Last night, a 5.2 magnitude occurred at 9:58pm which was felt in Bohol and Cebu, followed by a 4.3 around midnight . It was quite scary coz it lasted for several seconds. So for me, it means sleeping w/ the lights on, for another week. I hope this will all be over before Christmas.