Sunday, November 10, 2013

Yolanda 2013

In less than a month, I experienced earthquake, tornado and a typhoon, so what could possibly  be next, an alien attack perhaps?

Yolanda was a heartbreaker, she crushed my heart on my first year anniversary working here in PAGASA last November 8. Every news about the devastation breaks my heart. I don't know why is this all happening, can't help but cry when I imagine what the victims went through during the typhoon and also for the survivors coz they have nothing left now. Our country is being tested and I hope we could all stay strong as we help one another. We already had enough casualties this year

20 typhoon Santi
100 war in Zamboanga
200 earthquake in Bohol
10000 typhoon Yolanda

and only God knows if something bigger will follow.

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