Saturday, March 22, 2014


I didn’t bother to entertain rewards or perks before because I thought it’s a waste of time and there’s a loooong process to take before you could get the meager amount of prize.  But now it’s different, things are made easier with online processes, and if you know where to find the FAQs on their website, you basically get the key information you need, or you may get the info from trade printing flyers. Recently, I claimed my Globe mobile rewards for 400 pesos and it was applied directly to my bill; convenient. Then, I also registered to SM Advantage rewards last year, and now I have almost 200 points. I didn’t even mind my points or find ways to claim these rewards, until a cashier asked me if I want to use my points to pay for my purchase; economical. I am happy with these rewards; it’s a good way to keep customers so they better keep them coming.

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