Sunday, August 3, 2014

Small beginnings

I’m glad that Jose Cuervo gave me the guts to be honest with myself and to my friends. I haven't had a conversation like that with them for quite some time and it was such a relief to pour out my emotions to them. It's funny how the universe makes wonderful things happen, gathering friends together in the right time to be with the right people to tell each other the right things. I learned a lot from them that night, though I might have missed some, since Cuervo knocked me down. One eye opener though is the idea of enabling and disabling, never thought that's what I've been doing, and it's up to me to change that; I will be one brave girl if I'll be able to make a move and learn to let go. It was fun and heartwarming at the same time talking to them with my deepest emotion. We don't exactly have the same points of view all the time but we know when to talk, when to stop and when to listen.

I'm lucky to have them, they are my life’s music, my musian friend, the long distance and length of time not seeing each other didn't matter. It seems like it was only weeks ago when we had our last inuman session. A lot of things may have changed but our closeness didn't. It’s like we were college girls again, talkin' about boys, but only better and hotter. :)

I wish us all the best especially with the N.I.CH.e plans. I really hope it will be realized coz I believe great things start from small beginnings. 

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