Saturday, August 9, 2014

The 8 Types

I recently read about Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence, I might had encountered this in my Education subjects in college, but didn’t really matter to me that time. I'd like to visualize it as having partitions in our brain and each person has different configuration in a way that one intelligence may be higher than the other.  Though there is no further studies yet that offer evidence of the theory's validity, I find the concept quite interesting and very practical, and I believe should be widely make known to Filipinos so as to not limit our concept of being intelligent. It's sad to know that it seems to be part of our culture, that the students coined as “intelligent" are only those who are good in Math or Science or English (Logical–mathematical, Naturalistic, Verbal–linguistic) thus, the best opportunities are always available to them. And for those who have more of the other abilities, are only termed as good in the extra-curricular, which sounds not as important. Most of us had this concept instilled to us when we started going to school. This is just my random thought anyway without any deeper research on the issue.

Anyway, out of curiosity I tried those free online tests and most of the results say that my Intrapersonal intelligence dominates.

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