Sunday, October 19, 2014


It felt like college days again, as I tagged along with my friend from my previous work, who invited me to visit her friend's house for a fiesta celebration. At first, it was kind of embarrassing, but good thing there were only few visitors when we arrived. I can still remember coming inside the house hungry but the sight of the karaoke diverted my hunger to my desire to sing. Who would not want to when you are greeted with a warm welcome and it’s been almost half a year since I sang on a karaoke, plus they have 60" TV screen and a fostex pm0.4 speaker. Well, good thing I still keep a list of songs in my mind. So I just munched a bit for lunch then hit the numbers for Irene Cara's "Out Here On My Own" and "Fame".

Friday, October 17, 2014

Anniversary Gift

It will be our parent's wedding anniversary on the 24th. And as our gift to them, we booked roundtrip tickets and accommodation in Boracay for three nights. It will be my mom's first to visit the place, so I hope she’ll feel more excited than anxious about it. Baguio was actually their first option but I strongly suggested Bora because I don't think my mom will be comfortable with the 5-hour bus ride to the city. So I really pray that no weather disturbance is going to affect the region during that time so they could just relax. I am excited for them and I hope they are too, and I hope they’ll enjoy the place especially with the more beautiful sunset this time of the year. It’s also less windy now since we are transitioning to Northeast monsoon, so it’s the perfect time to go there.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

1 year

Today is the anniversary of the Bohol 7.2 magnitude earthquake. It was the time when we felt the earth rumbled as it shook us for 33 terrifying seconds. Some may have not been healed yet, especially those who lost their loved ones, but generally, I'd say, the province has moved on. No more afraid of the earthquake, what's left is a community of stronger people. And this song is perfect to inspire us, and to remind us that our beautiful province of Bohol has so much treasure. And one of our treasures are the talented composers, who are still able to make good local music, just like this song, which could have arranged with the sound of epiphone goth les paul.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Miss Saigon 25

So in love with Lea and Rachelle's The Movie In My Mind and the super kilig performance of the original Chris & Kim of The Last Night of the World.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hectic October

Finally, it's my day off after working straight for 11 days. Since we had to change the schedule, my days off are moved to Thursday and Friday. Work is very demanding when October started. The first day, kicked off with a torrential rainfall which recorded 118mm of rain in a span of three hours. The heaviest rain that I experienced and could recall so far. Then, two tropical cyclones already entered the country, NENENG, then OMPONG, which is currently inside PAR. This system could become as strong as YOLANDA. I would’ve wanted to go home and relax but I'm hesitant to travel by sea tomorrow because the monsoon system are again enhanced, bringing rough seas condition.

I guess I will still be busy for the rest of the month, so I may not have Oktoberfest nights.