Friday, October 17, 2014

Anniversary Gift

It will be our parent's wedding anniversary on the 24th. And as our gift to them, we booked roundtrip tickets and accommodation in Boracay for three nights. It will be my mom's first to visit the place, so I hope she’ll feel more excited than anxious about it. Baguio was actually their first option but I strongly suggested Bora because I don't think my mom will be comfortable with the 5-hour bus ride to the city. So I really pray that no weather disturbance is going to affect the region during that time so they could just relax. I am excited for them and I hope they are too, and I hope they’ll enjoy the place especially with the more beautiful sunset this time of the year. It’s also less windy now since we are transitioning to Northeast monsoon, so it’s the perfect time to go there.

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