Wednesday, January 14, 2015

AMANG 2015

I just a very productive and super hectic workweek. Since there's a lot of important events this week, the demand for weather information is really high. The inquiries from local government, the media, and the public are nonstop. Everyone's getting anxious since a significant weather disturbance is coming, which could happen during the major activities like the Pope's visit in Tacloban and as well as the Sinulog fluvial and grand parade. With our initial forecasts, we will feel the worst of this storm on Saturday, though a weakening trend is expected as it interacts with cold air, as it gets closer to the landmass. This will be the first tropical cyclone for 2015, which has an international name MEKKHALA, and local name AMANG. This one seems to be so eager to meet the Pope.

So now, it's finally my off day, I hope I can fully relax before my trip to Manila next week, and I really hope for the success of the activities this weekend as well as the safety of everyone attending.

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