Tuesday, February 24, 2015


When I heard the song "Take Me to Church", it sounded weird for me at first, but I ended up loving most of Hozier's songs, especially "Jackie & Wilson”. I kind of like the indie & blues feel of his songs and the lyrics are quite interesting. Hozier is an Irish musician, which I thought was not very common from that country, but when I looked up, I learned that some famous groups like U2, The Corrs, and The Cranberries, SinĂ©ad O'Connor and Enya are all Irish. Aside from that, recently, I noticed that, European artists are slowly taking over the mainstream music, just like Sam Smith, Ellie Goulding, Avicii, Adele and Birdy. I'd say, in general, their music has a unique tonality, which isn't hard for me to appreciate as my first love for music was greatly influenced by a European group, none other than the legendary, The Beatles.

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