Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My fave month

My favourite month is here, and the cold weather makes it even better. Moreover, there’s a slim chance of tropical cyclone in the country, so hopefully less stress for that department. However, there has been a lot of invitations for lectures that sometimes, they overlap. Like for next week, I had to cancel my schedule in a certain university since I was selected to attend a training at the Central Office. I’m glad I was chosen for this, which is scheduled on Feb 8-13. I’m somewhat excited about it since it will be a train-the-trainers kind of workshop in cooperation with UK Met Office. Being in Manila isn’t exactly desirable for me, but at least, our accommodation and the activities are just in one place so I wouldn’t be bothered daily by the traffic problems.

It will just be a short month, but a lot of happenings.

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