Tuesday, March 17, 2015

April Sun and Fun

Can't wait for April, my sister, and her family will be home and I'm going to be with my adorable nieces. I'd love to bring Chy to the spa and maybe eat ice cream afterwards and just chill while I listen to her stories about school and her friends, and maybe answer some of her witty questions. It's always fun to talk to her. And of course, our little Ky is growing up so fast, I would really want to watch her run and play and giggle. It will be summertime, so we might spend more fun time at the beach, something they would miss for a couple of months as winter awaits them when they go back.
Then, I will be much honored to be part of an important event, when Imoy and Elvie will exchange their vows and gold wedding bands. I'll be there as substitute and I've been enjoying this role since last year, the Baquials are just like my brothers, and they're the coolest. But the sad part is that when they go back, my parents will go with them, and I'll be alone again, but hopefully not for long.

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