Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dialogue on air

The past two days have been interesting and exhausting at the same time. There were a lot of work related tasks to accomplish and one of them is to attend a group discussion, which was held at a radio station in the city. The dialogue on air is a weekly segment by one of the broadcasters. I believe it's my first time to be inside a studio of a radio station, and it is just weird how DJs are able to deliver a joyful and even a party mood, when it’s so lonely inside the studio. While waiting, I kind of imagine it would be fun to be in front of what looks like a baggs condenser microphone every time we broadcast our forecast, and have our own little studio perhaps. I wonder how my voice would sound like; this could be a possible project in the future.
At first I was really nervous, being the only first timer among the attendees of the gathering. But eventually, I felt relaxed in answering the questions as i slowly realized that I have all the data in my hands and I can just browse through them anytime I want and I would still sound confident. Because I panicked on my way to the station, I almost forgot there’s no camera in front of me and I was in a radio program.

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